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Ghost of a Tale Credits


Art, AnimationLionel Gallat ("Seith")
CodingLionel Gallat ("Seith"), Cyrille Paulhiac
DesignLionel Gallat ("Seith"), Paul Gardner
WritingPaul Gardner
StoryLionel Gallat ("Seith")
ToolsCyrille Paulhiac
MusicJeremiah Pena
SoundsNicolas Titeux
2D ArtJerome Jacinto
Tilo's SongsContainher
EditingAlex Kain
QA TestersSandra Malenfant (Enzyme), Junko Takahashi (Enzyme), Maxime Landry Lamy (Enzyme), Sebastien Bedard (Enzyme), Michael Applebee (Enzyme), Martin Cléroux (Enzyme), Ana Carolina Cristofaro de Andrade (Enzyme), Alex Kain, Rhumba, Thomas Huayra, Roger Isaac, ZuTheSkunk, Evilkinggumby, Stage, Nautilus, Tha, Iamthemagicbonsaitree, KwisatzHaderach
LocalizationLevel Up Translation
Special ThanksStephane Gayraud, Fabrice Joubert, Olivier Torres, Pierre-Olivier Vincent, Jean-Francois Rey, Pascal Ludowissy, Dariusz [Red Studios], Andy Suter (as Andy [Edelweiss Interactive]), Diogo Teixeira (Amplify), Ricardo Marques Teixeira (Amplify), Stephan Bouchard (Digital Native Studios), Joachim Holdmer (Neat Corporation), Michael [uSKY], Gavalakis Vaggelis (as Nuverian [NodeCanvas]), Justin Mosiman (as Justin [BehaviorDesigner]), Chris Pope (Unity), Scott Peterson (Unity), Jackob Hunsballe (Unity), Daniele Giardini (DemiGIANT), Alexis Garavarian (Microsoft), Lars Bertram, David O'Connor, Enrique Tromp, Agathe Vermot Desroches, Thomas Hourdel, John Vaskis (Indiegogo)
Generous DonorsJean-Baptiste Bersac, Niels Koopmann

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (241853) and リカルド・フィリペ (237169)