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G.I. Combat: Episode 1 - Battle of Normandy Credits

36 people (35 developers, 1 thanks)


PresidentJohn Davidson
Executive ProducerEric Young
Game DesignEric Young
ProgrammingDavid Miller, Tom Kent, Jim Martin, Danny Padilla, Chuck Anderson, Michael Hufnagel
ArtColin Whitney, Brandon Grada, Barry Whitney, Chuck Anderson
Video ProductionBrian Anderson
Level DesignEric Young, Chuck Anderson
ManualEric Young
Web PageShaun Wallace
Play TestersAndrew Bruce, Pat Ceballos, Edward Conmy, Bob Cunningham, Greg Cyrier, Peter Fisla, Markus Hofbauer, Lawrence Jameson, Michael Mathews, Ross Moorhouse, Gary Olsen, Pekka Saastamoinen, Matt Symoniak, Shaun Wallace, Stephen Whitmore
Voice ActingColin Whitney, Bob Cunningham, Brandon Grada, Eric Young, Barry Whitney
SoundArchangel Productions
Additional ModelsAndrew Bruce
Special ThanksTim Ardoin


ProducerRyan Valade
Product Manager Adam Phillips
Additional DesignPhilippe O'Connor
Q&APhilip DeRosa
TestingYan Favreau Lippé, David Mallet, Ethan Petty

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76254)