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Interesting new features in comparison to Counterstrike, but when it comes to user friendly and gameplay - Not even close. Indra was here (20902) 3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 2.9
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.8
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.0

Critic Reviews

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GameZone (Apr 11, 2002)
Global Operations comes along at a time when the gaming public has been screaming for a true squad based FPS. Medal of Honor was Great, but lacked the control of a squad sized unit. Return to Castle Wolfenstein suffered from the same affliction, both are great FPS games but are based on the actions of a single soldier. G.O. (Global Operations) supplies the same level of great graphics and linear mission Gameplay, but based on a squad sized unit which you are but a single member of. The completion of the given mission does not hinge solely on your actions, but upon the actions of the entire squad.
GamePro (US) (Mar 22, 2002)
Global Operations has successfully combined the frantic firefights of Counter-Strike with the strong team strategy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein - it's a multiplayer utopia for first-person shooter fans. And the single-player mode ain't half bad, either.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 30, 2002)
Een waardige opvolger voor Counter-Strike, die nog heel wat potten gaat breken in de online community!
IGN (Apr 09, 2002)
I had a lot of fun with this game and hope to continue having fun in my few spare moments. Getting the feel of each of the classes and knowing how to use them successfully is pretty fun and the various maps have not gotten boring yet. Players are already getting better and better in only a couple of weeks since the game has been out thinking up new strategies and using different weapons more efficiently all the time.
82 (Apr 18, 2002)
In conclusion this is a solid game with lith-tech enigne level graphics, but a game that compensates by being very realistic and a great single/multiplayer game. This is really a game you can have a lot of fun with on a LAN party, if you dare moving a bit away from Counter-Strike and trying something new.
Als je Global Operations niet koopt voor het singleplayergedeelte, een nieuwe Counter-Strike kick zoekt en tegen voldoende snelheid op een geschikte server raakt, dan krijg je met dit game een van de beste teamshooters van het moment.
PC Zone Benelux (Mar, 2002)
Deze features, plus de intense gameplay, zowel single- als multiplayer, maken van Global Operations een game met veel potentie. Of dit genoeg is om koning Counter-Strike van de digitale troon te stoten zal de toekomst uitwijzen.
ActionTrip (Apr 10, 2002)
Earlier, I thought Counter-Strike could never be beaten. In light of everything that I've experienced in Global Ops I think that in due time it will become one of the most popular online titles out there. Provided of course, people meet the severe connection requirements and that they manage to enter one of the 50 servers currently available. Also, it's like I said at the beginning, if it's fun you're looking for, forget about playing the game's single-player mode. The bots can be dim-witted, which is more than enough to ruin things for ya. They are liable to get themselves stuck in passages and can often loose their way while looking for the target. Furthermore, if you expect cover fire from them you will surely be disappointed (it is likely that they will be eliminated on the spot). So, forget about any miraculous AI, forget about single-player features. Just get together with your buddies and commence action.
GameSpot (Apr 03, 2002)
So here's a recap of the requirements: If you don't care about the single-player game, if you have a high-speed Internet connection, and if you can find a good server, then Global Operations is great. It'll be a shame if not enough people meet these requirements, because Global Ops is an innovative team-based shooter that deserves an audience.
Svenska PC Gamer (Apr, 2002)
Nu undrar du kanske om Global Ops är bra nog för att locka bort den stora massan från Counter-Strike. Svaret på detta får nog bli ett nja. Visserligen har Barking Dogs lyckats väldigt bra, men det krävs nog mycket för att folk ska överge konkurrenten. Förmodligen kommer de båda spelen att växa sida vid sida och locka samma publik. För min egen del blir det nog både och framöver, men om fuskarna inte lyckas knäcka Global Ops blir det ett enklare val.
79 (Sep 13, 2002)
Welcome to the world... of twenty-first century conflict ! We’re unlucky enough to live in a world where groups of people don’t really get along with each other and feel the urge to settle their conflicts with weapons. But hey, look on the bright side, the boys at Barking Dog made a game based on that kind of misery for our macho-enjoyment :-)
78 (Mar 01, 2002)
Spieler, die ihre Herausforderung hauptsächlich im Internet oder LAN suchen, werden mit Global Operations mit Sicherheit gut bedient, weil vor allem das Zusammenspiel im Team durch das ausgeklügelte Gameplay gefördert wird. Wer lieber offline gegen die Bots antreten möchte, wird aufgrund der mangelhaften KI enttäuscht.
75 (May 14, 2002)
Global Operations constitue une bonne surprise pour les amateurs de FPS en team play qui pourront pour un temps laisser de côté Counter Strike pour découvrir une expérience de jeu tout aussi prenante en Lan. Dommage pour le mode solo et la réalisation un peu mitigée du soft mais Global Operations possède d'autres atouts pour convertir les amateurs de shoot réalistes.
GameStar (Germany) (Mar, 2002)
Im Ansatz hat Global Ops ja einige sehr gute Ideen. Ich mag die gestaffelten Missionen. Auch die Sache mit dem Wiedereintritt ist nett – für den Online-Spaß zwischendurch. Für abgesprochene Clanfights eignet sich das System jedoch kaum, weil man eigentlich nur im ersten Sturm als gemeinsames Team vorrücken kann. Ärgerlich ist der Singleplayer-Modus. Strunzdoofe Gegner und Kameraden vermiesen mir den Spaß, und die Spielzeit ist mit acht Stunden zu gering. Aber das Spiel will ja auch nur im Internet erfolgreich sein. Ob es das schafft, bleibt abzuwarten: Eine ernsthafte Gefahr für Counterstrike ist Global Ops mit Sicherheit nicht.
72 (Feb 21, 2002)
Ein Fazit fällt bei Global Operations etwas schwer, denn es wurden nicht einfach bestehende Spiele kopiert, sondern es wurden neue Ideen mit eingeflochten. Leider ist dabei an machen Punkten nicht so sauber gearbeitet worden wie an anderen. Global Operations ist auf alle Fälle einen Blick für jeden Wert, der sich für den Multiplayer-Modus der Rainbow Six-Serie begeistern konnte. Wer allerdings im Singleplayer-Modus ähnliche Spannung und Herausforderung sucht, der liegt hier sicher falsch. Global Operations wird für alle Fans die bei Shootern nach mehr Taktik suchen sicher seine begeisterten Anhänger finden.
Joystick (French) (Apr, 2002)
Cette repompe de Counter-Strike n'apporte pas grand-chose au genre, ne serait-ce que techniquement. Le mode solo est décevant et le multi est faible en innovation.
Gameplanet (May 02, 2002)
BARKING DOG FIRST CAUGHT the attention of the Gameplanet team with their release of Homeworld : Cataclysm. Since then, their games have been frequently clever and innovative, while adding new twists to an already established game mechanic - if perhaps a little flawed in execution. 'Global Operations' continues this trend and shows that while Barking Dog was doing the polish and refinement work on CounterStrike for Beta 5 release, they were clearly studying the game and wanted to address some of it's shortcomings. The end result is a game that is an awful lot of fun but needs further polishing in its execution - something they seem to be doing with notes they are providing on what the next patch will do.
Global Operations is not the Counter-Strike killer it was hyped to be. It doesn't mean it's a terrible game at all, just that if you're comfortable playing Counter-Strike, there's really no compelling reason to pick up Global Operations. The major problem holding it back is its poor network performance. On more than one occasion, the frustration of dealing with lag made me want to rip the CD out of the drive and throw it out a window. Once you do locate a rare stable server, however, the title can be immensely fun, immersive, and addicting. Global Operations won't wrest the crown of multiplayer gaming away from Counter-Strike, but it is a quality release in a tried and true genre.
70 (Jul 20, 2006)
Quand on parle FPS, on pense généralement à Half Life et Counter Strike. Le monde du jeu vidéo a évidemment été marqué par ces jeux qui depuis 1998 ont conservé leur masse de passionnés, continuant de faire vibrer de nombreux fans dans des partis solo ou multijoueurs. A côté de ces grands noms, existe une multitude de créations qui ont soit surfé sur la vague soit germé dans l’imagination de quelques développeurs. Global Operations, sortis en 2002, en fait partis.
GameSpy (Apr 23, 2002)
Global Operations may actually outdo Counter-Strike in the gameplay department, and should be commended for such. I really enjoyed the gameplay, and with a few extra months of polish and planning, I think it could have been a true competitor for the online crown. As it stands, however, it feels like a game that was rushed out the door, failing to offer all the core features an online game should have.
I can’t help but think that Global Operations will someday mature into a pretty good online shooter. But for now, I really can’t recommend that people go out and buy it.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 31, 2002)
Der Einzelspielermodus von Global Operations ist so kurz wie enttäuschend: In dreizehn Levels treten Sondereinsatzkommandos und Terroristen gegeneinander an. Es gibt weder eine Story noch vernünftige Missionsbeschreibungen, und die strunzdoofen Bots lassen keinen Funken Spielspaß aufkommen. Das Kernstück des Taktik-Shooters ist allerdings auch die Mehrspieleroption. Und die wartet mit einigen neuen Ideen auf. Beispielsweise sind Sie kein Allroundkämpfer, sondern schlüpfen vor Beginn der Schlacht in eine von fünf Rollen, etwa Sprengstoffexperte, Scout oder Scharfschütze.
Nerikes Allehanda (May 21, 2002)
Visst är detta kul, speciellt då man har möjlighet att välja vad man skall vara specialist på. Tyvärr lider spelet av rent groteska buggar. Att fastna i väggen i början på ett uppdrag var bland det mest frustrerande jag varit med om på länge eftersom jag var tvungen att vänta tills matchen tog slut innan jag kunde börja om. Skärpning EA!