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Gods and Generals Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Loading screens act as your briefing.
This is the first thing you see. You know it's going to go downhill pretty quickly.
These railroad tracks start and end right here in this little clearing.
Kill the Union soldier!
Now search his corpse.
Ack! I died.
Also included with the game are historical notes as well as clips from the video it's based on.
A scene from Fredricksburg
You can also read up on weapons and armament.
This letter tells you what you need to do.
Picking up weapons. I knew it said ammoon the outside but all I found inside was a knife. Even better, health packs...have the Swiss cross on them.
You'll also find random stuff on the soldiers' bodies.
Gunfight with a soldier in a barn.
Defeated a General that was holding valuable orders.
Uh oh! Looks like I'm stuck!
Here are the orders he was hiding.
Sword vs musket. Guess who won...