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Golden Axe Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Ax Battler (no filter)
Tyris Flare (no filter)
Gilius Thunderhead (no filter)
Start of the game
Brutal attack
Throw an enemy (enhanced filter).
Animal ride (enhanced)
Small thief with magic bottles
First boss fight
Magic lightning (no filter)
Flame ghosts
Time to sleep
Red enemies
Volcanoes? No, another type of magic
Giant turtle
You cannot pass!
Big guy with a hammer
In a village
Knight with a big sword
Death from above? Not this time.
First skeleton
Black enemies
Fighting on a giant eagle.
Use the dragon as a ride.
Yet another flame effect
Pink knights
Game Over
Duel mode
He can fly.
Skeletons to kill
Using the flame shot.
Game over
Second battle (TV mode)
Defeated. (TV mode)