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The Golf Pro 2 Credits


ProducerDavid M. Pringle
Lead ProgrammingWalter Bayer, Andrew Schofield
ConsultantGary Player
Software DevelopmentPeter Baron, John Bradley, Tony Hosier, Andrew Jones
ArtJoseph Barrett, Mike Clegg, Chad Goulding, Peter Gunn, Phil Henderson, Mike Holton, Dan McCaul, Dan Zelcs
CommentatorRandall Lee Rose
Course SurveyingTim Bloxham, David Duckering, Bruce Urquhart
Physics ConsultantsGareth Blower, Alistair Cochran
GolfersGary Player, Adam Roberts, Fiona Walker
Gary Player GroupGary Player, Marc Player, Linda Shaiffer
WentworthStuart Christie, Chris Kennedy
Box DesignClaire Brown, Philip Goldfinch
TestingBoyce Bailey, Tristram Defries, David Goodyear, Dave Hutcheson, Ben Jay, Alex Kyriacou, Ben Moss, Clare O'Gorman, Danny Rawles, Darren Thompson, Robert Watson, Matthew Young
DocumentationAnthony J. Bond Jr.
MusicAndrea Hayes, Kevin Jarvis
Many Thanks ToMike Atkinson, Fred Santa Cruz, Kirk Gentry, Kevin Kochheiser, Pat Roe, Doug Turner
With Special Thanks ToEsther Bayer, Anne Whiteley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kic'N (4343)