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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.4
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Shoost (Jan 12, 2014)
Gomo is a game that had a lot going for it at the start, but ran out of juice real fast. The artwork, world, and sound are all great, but the gameplay itself feels tedious and drawn-out, which shouldn’t be possible given how short it is. For those expecting anything deep or meaningful in this point-and-click adventure, you might want to search elsewhere. If just as much work was put into the gameplay as was put into the artwork, it would have been a true gem. If you want to play a charming, no-pressure sort of game that can help you kill an hour or two, and would rather spend $8 on a game than on that fast food you were totally craving, go for it. Just know that its charm is the only thing it has going for it.
cublikefoot (Dec 09, 2013)
Overall, Gomo is a short, but nice adventure that appeals to point-and-click fans with little time on their hands. It combines a charming story with great music and art into one small, enjoyable package. I recommend Gomo for any point-and-click fans.
Girl Gamers UK (Jan 27, 2014)
Overall Gomo is a pleasant point and click title, filled with charm and a good variety of puzzles, if you fancy a rather short-lived game which won’t tax the brain cells. Gomo does lack substance, which can be disappointing. If you’re a casual gamer and want a quick hit of something a little bit different, then Gomo may just be up your street, however, hardcore puzzle solvers may find themselves completing this title in no much time at all.
Adventure Gamers (Dec 09, 2013)
It’s short and easy without much variation, but there’s just enough charm and humour in Gomo to make it a worthwhile experience for fans of Machinarium clones.
Destructoid (Dec 18, 2013)
Overall the challenge level is geared towards younger gamers; if you rush through the game you can complete Gomo in maybe just over an hour. The story is simple and the characters you meet have a simple charm to them and the pace of the game means you'll be able to whiz through it to see the next kooky scene. Some might find the asking price a bit much for a short adventure but Gomo delivers a simple but fun point-'n'-click experience.
60 (Dec 14, 2013)
Ogni singolo tratto di disegno che contorna gli assurdi paesaggi ed i buffi personaggi di Gomo lascia trasparire la passione e la dedizione che gli sviluppatori hanno profuso in questo loro promettente esordio. Lo stile, però, prevale sulla sostanza, il mestiere sull’espressione. Il gameplay è scarno e gli enigmi non brillano mai né per complessità né per ingegno. Gli autori non hanno nulla da dire e nulla da raccontare eppure, in quel breve arco di tempo che costituisce la durata dell’avventura, riescono ad intrattenerci con la simpatia delle loro ingenue gag. Gomo è un innocuo passatempo usa e getta: divertente, ma che non lascia nemmeno un vago ricordo da portare con noi non appena lo avremo completato.
RPGFan (Dec 26, 2013)
Completable under an hour, Gomo is short. Three minigames can be unlocked if one explores carefully, but they are insubstantial and add nothing to the main game. Regrettably, the story never develops into anything more than a straight line to a happy ending, rendering the game as transparent as a point-and-click could ever be. At its core, Gomo is best suited for young adventurers who lack the experience to take on badder aliens and higher ransoms.
Games Arena (Jan 20, 2014)
Muzica e folosită inteligent, e poate aspectul la care Gomo stă cel mai bine, din păcate însă nu e destul pentru a-l face remarcabil sau măcar satisfăcător. E până la urmă prea simplist, dacă Samorost 2 făcea asta bine, Gomo nu reușește și sfârșește ca un joc gol, pe alocuri plictisitor deși durează doar 2 ore, și cu un umor care variază între inspirat și infantil. Totuși ar fi perfect pentru copii, e îndeajuns de ușor să poate fi jucat de cei mici și cu un conținut prietenos. Poate așa și-ar găsi un loc. Altă mențiune ține de producători, ocazionalele sclipiri de inspirație îmi demonstrează că există potențial aici și sper că există șanse mari să vedem un proiect mai serios din partea lor. Nu pot recomanda Gomo decât dacă-l primiți cu vreun bundle, prețul de 8 euro e din păcate nejustificat. De fapt, lansarea ca un joc gratuit cred că ar fi fost mai benefică pentru cei de la Fishcow Studio, o adiție de portofoliu care să lase de înțeles că pot mai mult.
3D Juegos (Dec 12, 2013)
Excesivamente simple en lo jugable, y muy discreto en lo argumental, Gomo es una aventura gráfica que daba para muchísimo más. Es divertido, sí, e incluso ingenioso en algunos momentos; pero es tan simple y obvio en el desarrollo de la acción, que nos bastará poco más de una hora para completar la partida sin mayor dificultad que la de clicar constantemente sobre la pantalla. Y eso es algo que termina por afectar negativamente a este videojuego que aun a pesar de ello, es capaz de sacarte una sonrisa.
Spazio Games (Feb 14, 2014)
Un gioco che difficilmente lascerà il segno: questa potrebbe essere una buona sintesi di Gomo, avventura grafica che propone un’esperienza spesso piatta e senza quella scintilla che potrebbe accendere l’interesse del giocatore. Il fatto che il gioco duri non più di un’ora, peraltro, rende il tutto meno appetibile, e il risultato che deriva da tutto ciò è una sequenza di enigmi un po’ troppo semplici e senza mordente.
55 (Dec 11, 2013)
Gomo ist ein skurriles, aber extrem kurzes und minimalistisch inszeniertes Point&Click-Adventure in handgezeichneter Optik. Bild für Bild versucht man in der Gestalt einer Sackboy-ähnlichen Stoffpuppe seinen von Außerirdischen entführten Hund zurück zu bekommen - ohne große Worte, Entscheidungen oder Kopfnüsse. Die Reise ist völlig linear, die Rätsel bis auf ein paar unglückliche Darstellungs- und Interaktionshürden sehr einfach, Dialoge nicht vorhanden, die deutsche Übersetzung lückenhaft. Viel zu lesen gibt es abseits der Menüs aber ohnehin nicht. Auch zu tüfteln gibt es wenig, das Inventar fasst gerade mal drei Gegenstände, nicht mehr Benötigtes wird automatisch entsorgt. Fans ungewöhnlicher Figuren und Kulissen werden dennoch ausreichend unterhalten, wenn auch nur für ein, zwei Stunden...
50 (Dec 13, 2013)
Gomo n'est ni un bon jeu, ni un mauvais jeu. Il est simplement moyen même s'il avait beaucoup d'éléments en sa possession pour faire de son aventure une expérience enivrante et atypique. Malheureusement, avec une histoire absolument pas développée, des énigmes trop faciles, une durée de vie n'excédant pas deux heures, les 8 € ont du mal à passer. Les plus jeunes, public manifestement cible du titre, n'accrocheront pas à l'univers assez sombre de Gomo tandis que les adultes oublieront le jeu aussitôt terminé. Reste à sauver l'humour, le charme de l'univers et la bande-son, et une aventure qu'on fait d'une traite sans déplaisir mais sur laquelle on ne reviendra pas.
Vandal Online (Dec 10, 2013)
Es complicado recomendar una aventura gráfica que dura solo una hora, que es demasiado fácil, poco original y que no sorprende en ninguno de sus apartados, ni por historia, puzles o estilo visual. Para nada es un desastre, nos ha divertido mucho e incluso nos ha llegado a sacar alguna sonrisa, pero pagar 8 euros por una "simpática" hora de juego nos parece excesivo. Como iniciación al género para un novato puede ser una buena idea, pero para un jugador aficionado a las aventuras gráficas, Gomo le sabrá a poco más que un aperitivo.
GameSpot (Dec 12, 2013)
The game is a short ride, and can easily be finished in a sitting. I cleared it in less than an hour and a half. You have the choice to play through it again and hunt down special pieces of paper that unlock three bonus minigames, but it wouldn't be worth your time. They are basically Whac-A-Mole games except that you wallop the dognapping alien instead of rodents. Gomo is a short, stylistic adventure that has some interesting features, but ultimately its brevity and lack of challenge keep its charms from being lasting ones.
God is a Geek (Dec 23, 2013)
Gomo does have some real charm in its simple yet appealing visuals and its strange sense of humour, but it is seriously lacking in the gameplay department. It is far too short and even the most inexperienced point and click gamers won’t take more than a couple of hours to complete the game. After that there is nothing to really come back to, and neither the puzzles nor the plot are interesting enough to warrant a second play-through. You can see Gomo’s indie roots clearly, and maybe it would have found its place better in its original flash-based format.
50 (Dec 11, 2013)
Und auch solchen kann man hin und wieder einen Fünfer für ihre Mühen spendieren, keine Frage. Leider kostet das Spiel acht Euro und ist mit gerade einmal 60 Minuten Spielzeit auch noch unerhört kurz. Zusammen mit spielinteressiertem Nachwuchs von sechs oder mehr Jahren kann es zwar durchaus Spaß machen. Dann aber muss man sich fragen, ob man sich nicht besser zuerst dem Spiel zuwendet, mit dem alles angefangen hat - Machinarium. Und wenn man damit durch ist, gibt's vom selben Team auch noch Botanicula und die Samarost-Titel, die - jedes für sich - mehr Leichtigkeit und Zauber ausstrahlen als Gomo. Vielleicht im nächsten Anlauf ...
XGN (Dec 20, 2013)
Aan de ene kant hebben we het gigantische aanbod point-and-click games, waar toppers tussen zitten die je als gamer niet gemist mag hebben. En aan de andere kant hebben we Gomo, die op bijna elk vlak steken laat vallen. Gomo is geen totale mislukking, maar als we kijken naar eerdere titels binnen het genre, dan kunnen we een hoop namen opnoemen die jou de tijd van je leven zullen bezorgen. Waarom zou je dan tijd besteden aan een spel met oppervlakkige puzzels, een kliksysteem dat te wensen over laat en een bijzonder mager verhaal. We weten niet hoe het met jullie zit, maar zo is de keuze voor ons al snel gemaakt.
Hooked Gamers (Dec 18, 2013)
I might buy this game as an exercise in logical thought for my six year old child (if only I had one) to show it how the correct answer is usually the most obvious one, but it isn’t good for much else. In the sea of high-quality Point & Click games being released these days, this game drowns like the weighed down bag of unwanted kittens it is. It’s cute, but it’s useless. Let’s just call it what it is.
Gomo takes an hour or two to play through. There’s nothing wrong with short experiences, and sometimes they’re preferred, but when there is nothing special about this game, it is harder to justify a purchase. Here we have a brief, short experience available for purchase against a massive library of fantastic point and click adventures. This might very well be the hardest genre to stand out in due to vast quantities of titles. Gomo fails to rise above the rest or even keep pace with the rest. Instead, it leaves players bored. At least it didn’t fall into the trap of extending game length with ridiculous puzzles. If given the choice between Gomo and another adventure game, choose the other one.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 20, 2013)
Vorige maand liep Journey of a Roach van het Zwitserse Kobold Games in de kijker en deze maand is het de beurt aan Gomo van het Slowaakse Fishcow Studio. In dit handgetekend 2D point & click adventure controleer je Gomo die ooit een rustig leventje leidde in het gezelschap van zijn hond Dingo ... tot aliens in pure War of the Worlds-stijl zijn leefwereld binnendringen en Dingo kidnappen. Gelukkig spreken de aliens duidelijke taal: Gomo moet in een levensgevaarlijke mijn een kristal buitmaken en dat in ruil voor Dingo aan de aliens geven. Zo gezegd, zo gedaan. Gomo zal vele obstakels moeten overwinnen, zal in een zelfgemaakte ballon rondreizen en zal tal van puzzels moeten oplossen om na een paar uurtjes weer te worden herenigd met Dingo. Een leuk adventure dat zijn bescheiden prijs best waard is.