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The Good Life is a multi-genre game in a fantasy setting, consisting of three parts.

The first part is a real-time strategy game. The player must create a thriving village in a land plagued by demon attack. There are four resources: wood, stone, gold and food.

Several buildings can be constructed by spending resources. A cabin for workers is the basic building, it must be placed near other buildings to make them function. Farms produce food, especially when placed near fertile lands; food is necessary to keep workers from starving. Lumber yards and stone quarries must be placed near forests or hills to produce wood and stone. Merchant houses trade other resources for gold. Finally, towers for training soldiers can be placed at a great expenditure of resources.

A mountain with a portal to hell lies somewhere in the land. Occasionally, demons appear out of it and move in a random direction. Any buildings in the demons' path become damaged. Repairing buildings is possible, but requires wood and gold. Rampaging demons can be instantly destroyed by spending gold at a hermit's hut, or they can be defeated by soldiers if they pass near a tower. Another troublesome element are fairies, which delight in stealing resources, and can damage buildings placed near their lair as well.

Once the first part of the game is completed by building three towers, the player moves onto part two. In preparation for a final assault on Dark Mountain, the player must try and earn the aid of the Lord of the Fey, by winning a magic duel in the form of an action mini-game. Spheres of various colors are floating at the top of the screen; by clicking two or three of them, then clicking his wand, the player can cast a spell. Only some combinations of colors result in a viable spell, others don't do anything. The player must quickly cast spells to counter the spells cast by the Lord of the Fey, and to deal damage to the Lord; when enough damage is dealt, the round is won. After winning three rounds the player proceeds to the final part.

In the third part, the player controls the hero on the battlefield, and must destroy the portal out of which the demons are pouring. The hero can be moved around the battlefield by clicking where the player wants him to walk; he will automatically fight any demons nearby. The hero's health runs out when fighting, but regenerates quickly when he is not in battle. Every so often, the hero can fire a magical bolt of energy to hurt demons in the way. To complete this part, the hero must destroy one of the five magical stones around the portal, then defeat a powerful boss demon.


The Good Life Windows Intro to level 3
The Good Life Windows Ending screen
The Good Life Windows Level 2 finished
The Good Life Windows Instructions before level 1

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