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Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu.
The options menu. Note the lack of an "easy fights, hard puzzles" option... Big mistake. Big. Huge.
The title screen.
Gooka, our protagonist.
Yorimar and Lidra.
Gooka dreams of his wedding with Lidra, daughter of king Avaral.
They were all living happily ever after...
Gooka's ship arrives at Parenti.
But on his way home, Gooka has another dream in which his son vanishes, and a unknown man sets his home ablaze...
... and stabs his wife.
The servant confirms what Gooka saw in his dream, and tells him the Abbot wishes to see him.
The abbot explains how the sarcophagus is healing Lidra...
... but there's always a catch. The first major puzzle will be to obtain a new battery for the sarcophagus.
Praying at the temple will transport Gooka into a dream world.
The god Glux is an old acquaintance of Gooka's. They used to get together and play bridge against Ifrit and Shiva, before Gooka became the supreme judge.
Glux informs Gooka of his psychic abilities...
... and teaches him how to fight.
The town of Parenti is quite large and bustling. Unfortunately, there are few places to visit, and fewer people who will speak to you.
Gooka is an art critic on his days off.
Town Hall. The guard knows who you are, but he won't let you in unless you can prove it... damn bureaucracy.
The proof you need is inside this safe. You know the combination, but things are never quite so simple in Adventure games; the lock was damaged in the fire. Time to get creative...
Inside Town Hall is a laboratory... what's the count so far? Psychic, Judge, Art Critic and Alchemist... is there anything Gooka can't do?
The Arena is closed by day, but by night it becomes a wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious.
Another of the few locations to visit in Parenti is the shop. Doesn't look like much, but you'll need to buy several items in order to progress in the game.
Ah, the "they came from the cellar" side-quest. A classic.
Casting a spell on the last rat. Fighting multiple enemies, even weak ones, is tricky.
The death screen. You'll likely see this quite often. Note the cheeky "insert coin" message.