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Back and inside covers:
    In the mid-21st century, the planet fell into ruin as street gangs grew into terror patrols, controlling neighborhoods and sometimes entire cities. Desperate to reclaim power, the U.S. government develops a highly advanced combat training simulator.

    Enter the world of Gore. Face the most extreme weapons, enemy tactics and combat environments imaginable. Become the Ultimate Soldier.

    WEAPONS Gore packs a full arsenal of 30 hardcore weapons and almost all of them have a secondary fire mode!

    ARMOR When a player picks up armor you'll see them wearing it! Armor will have to be shot off to cause any damage. If a player doesn't have a complete suit of armor you can target unarmored parts to cause damage.

    INTERACTION If you can pick it up, you can blow it up! Destroy weapons, ammo, health and stamina packs, and more, to damage other players or to get an advantage!

    CHARACTER CLASSES Each character class is unique and carefully balanced and each has its own character model and playing style. Small characters move faster but big characters are tougher!

    AMP 3D ENGINE Amp provides fast scene rendering and advanced character animation, pumping out the polygons at an unbelievably fast pace! Amp also supports dynamic polygons in the character mesh that can be used to give an elastic appearance at the joints.

    MULTIPLAYER AND SINGLE-PLAYER MODES With more than 20 exciting levels, Gore features the best multiplayer gaming modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture-the-Flag, Tactical and more. Gore also features a single-player mode for solo action off-line.

    STAMINA Jumping around and carrying heavy weapons will tire you out! If your stamina depletes, you'll be unable to move or even breathe, making you an easy target.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10546) on Oct 29, 2002.