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"Listen up you primitive screwheads... this is my BOOMSTICK" -Army of Darkness
The Flamethrower Throws a Barbecue
It wouldn't be a sci-fi shooter without the cyborg
Showing Off The Lighting Effects
The single player game has you and your fellow marines (the bots shown here) protecting the UMC from the evil forces of MOB...
... or should I say evil and UGLY forces of MOB.
Battles take place in the usual variety of FPS locations including this city rooftop.
Because some of the fighting occurs in a virtual world, there are also exotic levels such as this western ghost town.
Armor and damage are locational so it's important to protect both your head and chest.
There are only a handful of enemy models...
... but they do accurately reflect arms and armor carried. This is the same woman with a helmet, chest pad, and shotgun.
Sniper rifles are pretty much mandatory now aren't they?
You know, for a game named "Gore", I sure expected more of it.
Fighting MOB thugs while leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Some levels have decent open areas, but nothing compared to the wide open spaces provided by the Unreal engine.
It might be rude to shoot people in the crotch, but it sure is funny the way their eyes bug out when you do.
Armored Bartender Brutus' quad-shotgun can kill you in one shot if you're this close to him when it goes off.
Gore can switch between first person and third person mode. Here, the Gore Marine gets in a shootout with some thugs in a Wild-West themed resort town
Gore can throw a decent amount of bad guys at you, but you're really not supposed to fight THIS many at once without getting killed.
The MOB Flamethrower trooper is the strongest non-boss enemy in the game, but because of his simplistic AI he's got lousy friendly-fire control and will even immolate himself if you just run away from him.
A few A.I. controlled UMC footsoldiers help you in the climactic assault on the MOB Manor, but you shouldn't get too attached to them since their lousy aim and limited ammo supply gets them killed pretty quickly.
MOB Mastermind OptikNERV puts up about as much resistance as you would expect from a computer geek armed only with a PalmPilot, but he's got a surprise up his sleeve.
The second half of the game takes place in the virtual world of the Meat Machine. Here, the marine battles virtual MOB enemies inside a creepy old abandoned house
The OptikNERV virus seizes control of the Meat Machine, turning the rundown abandoned house into an even more rundown ghost house occupied by an army of killer chainsaw wielding skeletons
It's Gore Vs. Army of Darkness in front of the haunted mansion. Good thing you've got a rocket launcher.
The Egyptian level is a not so subtle 'homage' *cough* *cough* to Serious Sam, complete with a rushing army of spawning skeletons
The UMC technician you're escorting helps you battle Krogan, the homicidal MOB Mech, within an enemy infested cathedral.
A Space Station level pits you in a zero-gravity deathmatch against a group of nasty heavily armored, rocket-launcher equipped enemy Exo-suits
The Dead End cemetary pits you against wave after wave of chainsaw-wielding skeletons, as well as several powerful enemy mechs.
The OptikNERV virus, aka OptikBoss, bears a not-so-subtle resemblance to another cybernetic demon from an earlier, much more well known first person shooter.
Serious Sam would say something amusing, like 'Now that's a lot of bone!' right now. Gore, however, is not Serious Sam.
Hand vs gun
Gas Mask
Big Guy