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Gothic Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
The game begins with this conversation. Diego is one of the important characters you'll meet. Note the dialogue options
Ahh, the freedom, the freedom! Raise your head, look around... that kind of stuff
You can switch to first-person view, but you can't move while in it. Looking from above on the lake
You'll have to kill some aggressive animals to get their meat
Getting a weapon. This will do for now
Beautiful flowers. Your inventory is bottomless - pick up as much stuff as you can... and there will be a lot of it, indeed
Outside the Old Camp. Note the character routines. The world in this game is hand-crafted with a lot of detail
This is what happens when you are not careful. Trying to take on those ferocious beasts in the very beginning is unwise, to say the least
In front of the old mine. One of your first quests brings you here
Two hunters at the edge of a forest
A campfire at night. Cozy, isn't it?..
In the Swamp Camp. Weird people with strange religious inclinations are gathered here
Admiring a beautiful sunset while standing on a bridge
Swimming in water. You can dive, too
Some of the people in the Old Camp. Will they be your friends or your enemies?..
Loitering around the colony in my cool new robes
Xardas, the Necromancer. He is an avid reader
My brand new Minecrawler Plate Armor! How cool is that?..
Using magic against a boss
The Swamp Camp has... junkies
The awakening ritual is about to begin...
A classic moment in RPGs...
That looks like it's going to hurt...
It's good to be king, oooh yeah!
Helping Diego defeat a Troll
The New Camp
Another RPG classic: The stat screen
...and of course: The questlog
There are a handful of allies that can join you briefly around the colony
A partial map of the colony with some puzzle clues in it
Switching allegiances has its costs
In Extremo, live at the Old camp courtyard (only in the European version)
...and also exclusive to the European version... nudity!
Pagan worship flourishes in the prison colony. People need religion... the question is only, what shape does it take?..
Example of indoor detail. Plenty of food in this kitchen; also, see how people do different things, working, walking around, and so on
The fallen leaves... the autumn leaves... Picnic with CHEESE, oui monsieur. This spot in the forest looks nice
Owwww!!.. Beautiful full moon, falling stars... Life is good, isn't it?
This world has strict rules. Those mercenaries got offended by something you did - and this is the result. A mage is cowardly watching from afar
Rainy days and Mondays... Yup... Perfect weather for dealing with such guys as you see on this picture. Especially on a river shore
Watching a mad cultist-slash-scientist-wannabe at his maniacal work is always interesting
A foggy day in London town... What a view! From here I, the mighty mage clad in the Robe of Darkness, shall rule the world! Muahahahaaa!..
Another day, another beautiful view. Wearing furry mercenary armor this time. The valley looks deceptively peaceful
Discovered a mysterious cave. Ferocious undead start attacking me right away. Swell vacation. And to think I almost booked that flight to Bahamas
Yes, your weapon is bigger than mine. You are a very, very powerful orc, all right? Happy now? Then please move away, I need to do some laundry in that waterfall
Guys! Please! Like I sad, EVERYONE will get an autograph, but it must be one at a time, okay? Geez... Popularity is a bitch

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