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Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu - after the player's name had been entered
The optional introduction has no spoken dialogue and plays like a slide show
Here Victoria's father is telling her 'enough is enough'
This is the start of the game. The player starts with four restaurants and gets to open more as the game progresses
The first restaurant is Tres Amigos. It's a Mexican restaurant. The player is guided through the early part of the game by helpful text boxes like this
As customers place orders the first/next ingredient is displayed. Time to get hunting!
These text boxes only appear in the early stages of the game
Chef Depardieu puts in his first appearance
The conversations between him and Victoria take place in dialogue boxes like this. The player progresses through the conversation by clicking the mouse
These are the ruins that Victoria will renovate. Here she's about to select a style of paving
Here Victoria's in the Hungarian restaurant.
Chef Depardieu has popped in to provide a gaming tip
When all customers have been served the shift is over.
Here Victoria's setting up a new restaurant and must place the inventory items correctly
The French restaurant showing Chef Depardieu with another hint.
By giving the customer a present they'll go away happy, just as well 'coz there's no cauliflower in the scene!
Eventually Victoria has enough to buy an animal pen. Her first animal is a zebra, there's no choice. The pen needs clearing up and this ts where the point-and-click gaming elements come into play
The great day has arrived, the zoo's first animal.
This triggers an optional cut scene with lots of soft focus effects
The renovated garden with it's first animal
The first restaurant in the second level is Moroccan