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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (UK):
    Breathtakingly realistic, stunningly detailed and endlessly exhilarating, Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 has arrived on PC, taking this now legendary series to new heights. Feel the tension, test your nerves and experience the drive of your life in the latest of this award winning series.

    Phenomenal new 3-D graphics engine brings whole new dimension to this legendary series.

    Updated artificial intelligence creates an ultra realistic and competitive Formula One gaming experience.

    Unparalleled physics creating the true feeling of driving a Formula One car puts you in control.

    3-D Audio utilising real Formula One samples, improved use of EAX, 3-D spatial sound and reverb brings the awesome sound of Formula One to your PC

    GPaedia reference guide, offering detailed insights into the teams, drivers and circuits and provides advice on car setups and more.

    Tracks modelled using GPS data to create stunningly accurate layouts

    Incredibly realistic pit crews, engineers and marshals created with motion capture technology and with the assistance of The OrangeArrows Formula One Team.

    Features all the teams, drivers, and tracks from the 2001 FIA Formula One World Championship. Choice of 11 cars all accurately modelled.

    Nothing Gets Closer

    Contributed by A J (1005) on Jul 17, 2006. (French):


    Entrez dans la légende !
    Vous qui avez toujours rêvé de prendre la place des plus grands pilotes de Formule 1 et de courir sur les plus prestigieux circuits du globe aux volants de puissantes mécaniques, GRAND PRIX 4 vous propose un expérience unique dont vous ne ressortirez pas indemne.
    Défiez les plus grands noms de la Formule 1 avec cette simulation pointue dotée d'un tout nouveau moteur physique et graphique, de circuits à la topographie exacte (grâce au système GPS), d'environnements sonores ultra réalistes, et enfin d'arrêts au stand avec des mécaniciens aux mouvements motion-capturés


    • UN NOUVEAU MOTEUR 3D permettant un rendu et un niveau de réalisme jamais atteint (effets de chaleur émanant des moteurs, reflets des véhiculessur sol mouillé...),
    • 5 MODES DE JEU (Arcade, Championnat intégral ou partiel, Course rapide, tutorial...),
    • LA CAUTION DU LEGENDAIRE GEOFF CRAMMOND, créateur de la référence internationale du genre : GRAND PRIX
    • UN MODELE PHYSIQUE ET UNE INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIELLE AMELIORE pour une immersion complète et des sensations dignes des plus grandes courses,
    • UN MODE MULTIJOUEURS EXPLOSIF jusqu'à 8 joueurs en LAN (PC uniquement) et jusqu'à 2 joueurs en écran splité (XBOX),
    • UNE PLETHORE D'EFFETS tels que des sons 3D ultra réalistes reproduisant fidèlement le bruit des Formule 1, une animation complète des stands et de la foule...

    Contributed by Xoleras (66500) on Oct 01, 2005.

Atari Australia Press Quotes - Windows:
    “Geoff Crammond is the Sid Meier of Formula One Racing games – and, as anybody who’s played “Civilization” is aware – that’s not a claim to be taken lightly.” - PC Powerplay

    “And what an eagerly anticipated title it is – the release of Grand Prix 4 has the cyber-racing community eagerly poised on the edge of their collective seats.” - PC Powerplay

    “The advent of another viable contender for the Formula One Racing crown – that being the latest offering from Electronic Arts – has not conquered Crammond’s empire, in fact it’s made it even more resolute. Spurred on by the desire to be the very best, Grand Prix 4 is sure to be a title that cannot be overlooked.” - PC Powerplay

    "To put it simply, if you`d consider yourself to be a fan of Formula 1 then I`d heartily recommend Grand Prix 4 because in terms of performance and realism it`s still in pole position" - Barry'

    " Geoff Crammond has done it again. Grand Prix 4 is one of the best Formula 1 games around and for those after a challenging racer paired with some beautiful graphics and excellent AI then Grand Prix 4 is for you. The definitive F1 racer is back again and those of you who purchase the game will not be disappointed. Recommended. " - Media Games Online

    " Visually Grand Prix 4 is a treat. Effects such as heat haze from the cars engines as well as features like the video wall have improved the graphics ten fold. If you have a 5.1 surround sound system you’re in for a treat. Grand Prix 4 has an extremely good implementation of EAX technology from Creative Labs. You will be able to hear cars coming up to pass you as well as pit chatter " - Media Games Online

    " The biggest novelty in GP4 is the completely new, better and more efficient engine which provides higher level of detail, and more realistic effects. GP4 features for the first time completely animated mechanics, spectators and referees, which will make even your visits to pit-stop an experience to remember." -

    " The thing that can best depict the atmosphere of driving a Formula1 is the visuals, and visuals are more than magnificent in GP4. It supports resolutions up to 1600x1200 which in turn makes the game exceedingly demanding, so I wouldn't advise you to play it with all visual effects set to maximum if you do not happen to have one of the few most powerful video accelerators on the market. The richness of visuals best shows in the most popular track - Monte Carlo. The developers had to recreate the entire city here. Advanced effects like the dynamic environment mapping, reflections and shadows, will make you feel that you are truly driving your vehicle through the nexus of gambling. You will see the buildings and trees reflect of the shiny plating of your car in a highly realistic manner. Skid-marks look great, and passing through tunnels is also an experience of its own. 92%" -

    Contributed by Xoleras (66500) on May 20, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Windows:
    Geoff Crammond’s GRAND PRIX 4 is the Formula One racing simulation that captures the complete 2001 Formula One World Championship.

    Officially licensed by Formula One Administration. With the most advanced know how in term of AI’s, physics and car set up system that made Grand Prix 3 the best F1 simulation ever, GC GRAND PRIX 4 takes the racing to the next level on both PC and next generation console. Created by Geoff Crammond, the genius behind the best sellers F1 Grand Prix, Grand Prix 2 and the international best seller Grand Prix 3, GEOFF CRAMMOND’S GRAND PRIX 4 continues the legend by offering the only authentic driving simulation game.

  • Official F1A 2001 Formula One World Championship
  • Brand New Direct 3D Graphic Engine
  • 5 Game Modes: Quick Race, Non championship, Full Championship Season, Quicklap and Practise
  • Unparalleled physics
  • Unbelievably realistic AI
  • Extensive car set-up options
  • Driving Aids
  • Special weather effects
  • Virtual Cockpit – look around in the cockpit while driving
  • Pit crew & Marshals - To bring more life into the game, using motion capture, the pitcrew and marshals have become fully animated 3D characters
  • Multiplayer Gameplay – LAN, Hotseat Mode, Split Screen, Modem, Serial Link
  • Gpaedia - Accessible from the menu, this area provides information about Formula 1 in general and the 2001 season. It also provides helpful information regarding car set-up, pit stops, how best to use them, and who does what during a pit-stop.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66500) on May 20, 2004.