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Grand Prix 4 Credits

91 people (83 developers, 8 thanks)


Game DesignGeoffrey J. Crammond
ProgrammingGeoffrey J. Crammond
Performance Analysis & Test DrivingDavid Surplus


Studio ManagerNick Court
Executive ProducerNick Court
ProducerPhil Gilbert
Software Engineering ManagerNick Thompson
Art DirectorAndy Cook
Lead ProgrammerGareth Jones
ProgrammingNeil Alford, Jalea Clements, Neil Duffield, Julian Foxall, Steven Haggerty, Matt Patterson, Duncan Rooth, Tim Round, Jeremy Sallis, Nick Thompson, Jason Turner
Audio Systems & Additional Sound DesignNigel James Brown
Audio ProgrammingNigel James Brown
Lead ArtistAndy Cook
ArtistsPeter Austin, Carl Edwards, Maff Evans, Edward Garnier, Lisa Godwin, Jeffrey Miranda, Greg Shill, Dave Smith
Additional ArtworkHalli Bjomsson, Noel Uche
Track Reference SurveysNorman Surplus
Audio ProducerJohn Broomhall
Original MusicJames Hannigan
Additional Location RecordingPeter Guppy
Motion Capture Studio ManagerTony Wills
Motion Capture ArtistsDavid Hingley, Andrew Lee, Rob Millington, Mick Sheehan
All Motion Capture Undertaken with the kind assistance ofthe Orange Arrows Formula One Team


FeaturingMark Hemsworth
ScriptMark Hemsworth, Ossi Oikarinen, Andy Cook
SoundJohn Broomhall
Original MusicJohn Broomhall
CameraMatthew Grant
EditingMatthew Grant, Andy Grierson
Directed byJohn Broomhall, Andy Cook
Produced byPhil Gilbert
Thank you...John Cook, Laura McNamara, Andy Rogers (of Jemlar -, Nvidia, Logitech, Steinberg Software for audio production systems
Special Thanks go tothe Orange Arrows Formula One Team for all their help during the development of this product
Office ManagerChristine Upham
Administation AssistantPat Edwards


VP Racing LabelArthur Houtman
VP European MarketingLarry Sparks
Core Games Marketing DirectorFrank Heissat
Marketing ManagerCyril Voiron
Product ManagerJérôme Delziani
LicensingGuillemette Tronel
Design StudioMichel Mégoz, Rose-May Mathon
Marketing CoordinationCécile Gillet, Jenny Clark, Marie-Emilie Requien, Catherine Esteoule-Bado
LocalizationSylviane Pivot-Chossat, Fabien Roset, Riddoch Heather, Chrystèle Dozoul
Certification & Planning Support Group (CPSG)Jean-Marcel Nicolaï, Rebecka Pernered, Émilie Ballivy, Caroline Fauchille, Jérôme Di Tullio
Software Functionality Testing ManagerOlivier Robin
Software Functionality Testing TeamBruno Trubia, Stéphane Brion
Gameplay Evaluation Service ManagerDominique Morel
Gameplay Evaluation Service TeamEmmanuel Desmaris, William Jaulain, Yann Schied
Engineering Services ManagerPhilippe Louvet
Compatibility Lab Co-ordinatorEmeric Polin
Pre-Mastering Co-ordinatorStéphane Entéric
TestersGérard Barnaud, Guillaume Curt, Stéphane Diremszian, David Erchoff-Costet, Fabien Faure, Olivier Genoux, Pascal Guillen, Christophe Lamour, Régis Philibert

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158254) and Xoleras (66500)