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atari 50 now available
Written by  :  greenmangroup (13)
Written on  :  Oct 28, 2004
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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Nothing more than an upgrade

The Good

Graphics, Sound and AI are the greatest features of this game. It has some great additions over past releases. The graphic detail is at its greatest here, even at a distance you can make out objects on the horizon.

The pit AI mixed with the Pit to Car sounds make for a more "in race" feel.

The Bad

Given the advancements in AI, you would think that the developers could have included stop 'n' go's, safety cars and warm up laps.

the playability of this game is low. You will find that in time you are going to grow board of the lack of fun in the game. This is where this game loses out the World Circuit & Grand Prix 2.

The Bottom Line

the 4th edition in the now long running grand prix series is all in all a graphics upgrade.

Given the hype around this game before it went on sale I would have expected a lot more. Apart from the changes to the graphics and AI this game remains at the same level as GP3 and in some ways GP2 and GP1. the game contains fantastic racing effects with the cars infront protecting the line into each corner, the great weather effects and the pit to car radio chatter. But it continues to lack in it's application of penalties, given that the first Nascar racing game included stop go's and black flags I would have thought that a game made in the modem day could incorporate these type of features.

This alone takes away from the experience of "being an f1 driver" basically you can get away from cutting across a corner and ramming other cars off the track.

This game lacks the playability of GP1 & GP2. these were games I could sit and drive a complete 70 lap race and not find my mind wondering what else I could be doing.

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