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Grand Prix 4 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Ingame shot
Grand Prix 4 menu.
The race is on...
Main menu.
Driver selection.
Mclaren and Mika Häkkinen
Track information.
When it rains, you can't see much from behind.
GPaedia shows hints and tips.
Front wing view at Indianapolis track.
Practising driving when it rains.
Weather forecast.
In pit lane at Monaco.
Loading screen.
Inside a tunnel at Monaco.
Front view of tunnel at Monaco.
Pit stop exit in Japan.
The wheel of fortune.
Formula One Championship season begins.
Race starting grid.
Australian Grand Prix starting.
Racing in Melbourne.
Accidents happen.
Lost a front wheel.
You can even see a heatwave in the air.
Barrichello at close.
Starting grid from left side.
Changing front wing and wheels.
Driving just fine with two wheels.
Driver camera.
Driving at Austria.
View from inside drivers helmet.