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Grand Prix Manager 2 Credits


Original DesignEdward Grabowski
ProducersJames Hawkins, Stephen Hand
ProgrammingSteven Goodwin
Additional Development Ben Bloss, Paul De'Ath, Margaret Grabowski, Darren White
GraphicsGeri Allen, Erik Casey, Claire Shandley, Gary Ward
Commentary Voice OverStirling Moss (OBE)
Narrator (German Version)Sascha Maassen
Product Marketing ManagersSarah Danielson, Louise Elstone
Audio Producer John Broomhall
Original MusicAllister Brimble, Richard Wells, John Broomhall
Sound EffectsMatt Vowles (Sprockets and Bytes)
Additional Recording StudiosSound Developments Studios, Le Studio Ltd
Audio Engineers Simon Fitzpatrick, Martin Severn, Andrew Parton
QA ManagerAndrew Luckett
Lead QAPhilip McDonnell
Quality AssuranceMartin Crompton, Jamie Toghill, Stuart Poole, Patrice Stauder, Anton Lorton, Neil McEwan, Donald Witcombe, Daniel Luton, Jason Sampson, Ian McMurtrie, Paul Coppins
Manual WriterAlkis Alkiviades
Manual Layout Sarah Cantwell
In‑game And Manual PhotographsAutosport Magazine
Box PhotosJohn Townsend (Formula One Pictures)
ConsultantClare Arnold
Publisher Mike Rudderham
Special Thanks ToTim Wright (Autosport Magazine), Simon Strang (Autosport Magazine), Max Nightingale (Grand Prix Engineering), David Owen (Grand Prix Engineering), Sheila Boughten, Scott K. Tsumura, Marina Crean

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