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It may be the bad boy of the videogaming world, but it's also a well-deserved classic. Zovni (10629) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
The best version of one of the most addictive games in history. Sycada (191) unrated
Guns, violence, harsh language and ice cream trucks. What more could you want? Kartanym (12718) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Computer asks man: "Is that what you want?" Man replies "Hell yes!" The Cheshire (6) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
I'll mess you the heck up..... and laugh for days about it! Eduardo Gabrieloff (34) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
An excellent free-form game with some flaws. Archagon (113) 3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars3.67 Stars
A game beyond all my expectations - a definitive must-play! phlux (4335) unrated live in a world without sin and restrictions...Oh yeah! Indra was here (20868) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Bringing Crime and Action Game-Play to a Whole New Level: No Levels! Dwango (300) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Addictive as smack. Funny as hell. Best damn thing to happen to my hard drive. Jason Lee (11) unrated

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (218 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Despite fear of incurring the wrath of garners everywhere, I’ll go out on a limb and liken GTA3 to another (not very pretty game) that you can play over and over again: Half-Life. Both show us that there’s more to making a good game than eye candy. With a good story, compelling subplots, and the chance to kill everything from pimps to FBI agents, it’s safe to say that GTA3 is $50 well spent.
Entertainmentopia (Jun 22, 2002)
Grand Theft Auto III stands as a testament to game makers on how to do it right. The open-ended style of gameplay, the side-quests, the missions, the driving, the flying, the running, the shooting, the crime waves, the jumps, the cars, the people, the innuendo, the humor, and the sheer fun all combine together to make a great, easily accessible, sweet-ass game.
100 (Feb 06, 2003)
Mighty fine game we have here on the PC. Sure, I'll probably go to hell for enjoying such a real game, but oh well. It's all fun and games to me, and this is one of the most fun games I've ever played. Kudos to Rockstar Games for inventing such a great new concept in the video game market, and I hope they keep it up. I just hope it doesn't invent a new breed of criminals in 10 years or so.
AceGamez (2002)
Seriously though, this is a truly great game that will go into the gaming hall of fame, its content is very strong but that's why it has an 18 certificate and it is nothing you haven't already seen in dozens of movies and TV shows. All in all, this is an amazingly huge, free-roaming, entertaining game that will last you for ages and is a must-have for everyone old enough to own it.
So not only does GTA3 on the PC bring the joys of vehicular manslaughter to an entire new group of gamers, it also gives us PC guys a second chance to become proud thugs as well.
Game Chronicles (Sep 03, 2002)
This has to be one of the most “fun” games I’ve played in a long time, and I can’t decide whether it’s despite, or because of, the adult content. The developers did everything right, in great part (in my superior, yet humble opinion) to their paying attention to even the smallest of details. I believe that GTA3 has set a new standard for what we’ll expect from other game designers in the future.
100 PC Gaming (Jun 24, 2002)
Grand Theft Auto 3 for the PC is one of the best games out there on the market. If you have never played or heard of the Grand Theft Auto games you’re missing out on an extremely fun and exciting game that will keep you playing for days, weeks, even months!
GameSpy (Jun 04, 2002)
From the opening credits all the way to its hysterical finale, Grand Theft Auto III is a fantastic ride from start to finish. Any PC owner even remotely interested in action or driving games should pick up a copy today.
Netjak (Jun 05, 2002)
This is the bottom line here, folks. The interaction between player and environment sets the bar so high for other games, that it is nearly inaccessible. Pulling out a gun in a crowded street will cause pedestrians to scream "He's got a gun!" and high tail it out of there. This is a total must have for any PC owner, and if you don't have the luxury of having a PS2; this is a must-have-or-die title.
Armchair Empire, The (Jul 20, 2002)
Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA3) works well on so many levels that it is hard to imagine what could have been done to improve it. On the PS2, players had to deal with low-res textures, some slowdown, and a horrible targeting system that turned gunfights into crapshoots. All of these problems are eliminated in Rockstar’s PC port of GTA3, and players are left with a stunning, involving experience that, though not for everyone, will appeal to both the gamer looking for a long, structured action/adventure game and the one looking for loosely organized chaos.
Joystick (French) (Jul, 2002)
Avec le terrain de jeu fantastique qu'est Liberty City (composé de trois ïles), la grande variété des missions, sa réalisation graphique impeccable, sa bande sonore étonnante et la liberté laisseé au joueur, Grand Theft Auto III redéfinit à lui tout seul les critères du jeu d'action. Un titre indispensable auquel tout le monde devrait succomber. Et tout ça, pour moins de 40 euros. Et là, tout est dit.
This game nearly transforms the genre. Really, this is like nothing you�ve ever played before, and the PC enhancements add to an already great experience. Sure it is violent. Sure there is bad language. But play it. You�ll love it.
I could go on and on, I like the game that much, but in conclusion: graphicwise, GTA III is a massive improvement over GTA II and much to my –and everybody elses- liking. The gameplay is simply put, loads of fun and the sound, well, just look at the marks I gave it. Don’t hesitate, this game is hours of fun :)
Meristation (Jun 25, 2002)
Por si no lo he dicho antes, GTA III está conducido por una historia. Una historia elaborada y oscura, muy de cine negro actual, un poquito El Padrino, un mucho Payback. El argumento es muy descarado y sin complejos y nos muestra el mundo del hampa con un deje de humor negro bastante simpático. Los personajes son un poco estereotípicos pero creíbles, las historias son tristemente muy posibles y al final la trama engancha y empuja a completar misiones para saber más.
Absolute Games ( (May 30, 2002)
Лучше скажите мне вот что, мисс: вам нравится этот город? За что, спрОсите? Да за всё. За опьяняющую разум свободу действий, за отражения фар моего "Инфернуса" на мокром асфальте, за чумовые радиостанции, что заполняют эфир 365 дней в году... Я готов любить Либерти-сити за одних только жителей — трижды сволочных, жестоких, циничных и подлых, но в то же время таких умных, живых, настоящих!
IGROMANIA (Jul, 2002)
Действующая трехмерная модель криминального мегаполиса. Сбрендивший маньяк с пеной у рта прилагается: отыграв пару дней, посмотритесь в зеркало.
After my first review of GTA III, I got a lot of mail asking me why I rated the PS2 version at a mere 9.5 instead of a perfect 10. Well, that's simple – Grand Theft Auto III wasn't perfect. The character models and texturing was nothing special, and the out-of-the-car gun targeting pretty much sucked. Of course, the overall package was so innovative and addictive that no one cared, and it was still the most memorable gaming experience I've had in a long while. Now, this masterpiece is out on PC, and it will be the only opportunity that non-Sony owners will have to get a crack at it for a few years.
PC Zone (Jun 17, 2002)
GTA III does so much right that you'll never say a word against it. It might not dazzle you with its complexity, but the rest of it shines so brightly you'll have to wear shades. I'd stake my life that not a single person that buys it will regret the decision and I'm willing to fight anyone that says otherwise. OK, we've had to wait a long time for it on PC, but it's just made it all the sweeter now that it's here. What's more, it's a tantalising taste of what's to come in the next version. Put the same game in a complex city where you can go in every building, and where each character has a life and a reason to be in the game beyond acting as eye candy and I reckon you'd have the perfect game. Add in the fabled multiplayer element to the proceedings and I'd have the perfect excuse to finally get involved in an MMORPG. For now, GTA III will do very nicely indeed, thank you very much.
Svenska PC Gamer (Jul, 2002)
Ett fritt gangsterspel med suverän känsla och enorma miljöer.
95 (Oct 17, 2002)
On s'était habitué aux Grand Theft Auto 1 et 2, d'un niveau assez moyen jusqu'à ce que la révolution en matière de carnage urbain éclate.
94 (Jun 04, 2002)
GTA3 ei ole pelkästään monipuolinen tai kaunis. Se on muutamine puutteineen ja vikoineenkin niin hyvä peli, että se ottaa melkein päähän. Kun tätä on kerran päässyt maistamaan, saattavat muut pelit helposti tuntua rajoittuneen ahtailta, epärealistisilta tai itseään toistavilta. Harvat pelit nostavat rimaa, mutta Rockstarin uusin on ilman toivottua moninpeliäkin kiistaton virstanpylväs pelihistoriassa ja pistää odottamaan tulevaisuuden peleiltä lähes ihmeitä. Aika näyttää, pystyykö pitkään odotettu Mafia vastaamaan uusimman GTA:n haasteeseen muutenkin kuin teknisesti paremman grafiikkansa avulla.
Atomic Gamer (Jun 03, 2002)
A while back, there were plans for making the PC port of GTA3 playable online. And while that didn't make into the final version, it's still a great game that most players will enjoy for a good twenty to forth hours or more. Multiplayer modes would have made this game even better, but it seems Rockstar Studios didn't find it worth the time it'd have taken to finish it (plus, there's the chance they're planning a whole separate multiplayer GTA game for later). Despite its problems and lack of multiplayer, GTA3 is a wonderful title that'll keep you whacking gangsters and cops for weeks.
IGN (May 27, 2002)
Even though the editors at IGN ultimately chose Halo for 2001 Overall Game of the Year, after the ballots were counted and the chads examined and re-examined, the decision came down to a one-vote lead for Halo, with an intense eight to seven battle with another extraordinary impressive game. The seven dissenting votes went to Grand Theft Auto III for the PS2, and I was among those who thought it was good enough to deserve the ultimate of awards.
GameSpot (May 28, 2002)
Judged solely as an enhanced port, Grand Theft Auto III is a little lacking. Other than the addition of mouselook--whose beneficial impact on gameplay cannot be understated--nothing much has been added. There's no new content, the replay feature is pretty bad, and by improving just some of the graphical elements, the overall visual effect has arguably gotten worse. But--and this is a big "but"--GTAIII is a faithful port of a truly exceptional game. As long as you have a PC an order of magnitude greater than publisher's recommended specs, then you'll find in Grand Theft Auto III one of the most inventive and satisfying action games of all time.
Als je het enkel en alleen als een omzetting van een consolegame naar pc bekijkt, had je wat meer nieuwigheden kunnen verwachten - op de heel welkome 'mouse look' na natuurlijk. Maar, en dit is een heel grote 'maar', GTAIII op de pc is een trouwe en precieze overstap van een echt onwaarschijnlijk sterk en uniek game. Wie een configuratie heeft die krachtig genoeg is, moet dit creatieve, meeslepende en tot in de details uitgewerkte game gewoonweg hebben.
PC Gamer (2002)
it’s hard to imagine a PC gamer who won’t immediately take to GTA III. It empowers you as a player in ways few games even try to do. And it’s quite simply a whole lot of fun.
92 (Sep 14, 2002)
A definite buy! Not since Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 have I glued myself in front of the monitor for this long. This game simply blows its competition out of the water.
91 (May 25, 2002)
GTA III ist originell, actiongeladen, hübsch und bietet wie kaum ein anderes Spiel die Möglichkeit, komplett in eine Spielwelt einzutauchen. Eines der besten PC-Spiele des Jahres, das in keiner Action-Sammlung fehlen darf.
Gameguru Mania (Jun 11, 2002)
Is GTA3 worth your hard earned money? The answer is surprisingly simple, if you have never played the PS2 version, definitely yes, because gameplay is superb and the game has really incredible replay value If you like games of this type and you don't have PS2, then you should get this game.
90 (Mar 12, 2020)
En dehors de l'aspect film noir scénarisé et les graphismes somptueux, on peut noter que ce titre reste encore et surtout politiquement incorrect. Il est truffé de détails, mais aussi de références liées à la pop culture et aux films de gangsters. Le casting vocal peut se targuer d'avoir Joe Pantoliano ou Michael Madsen. Il a fait fureur à l'époque, il a fait pleurer des associations qui défendent nos chères têtes blondes, et il était interdit aux moins de 18 ans partout sauf chez nous (16 ans), mais tous les jeunes de 14 ans l'avaient déjà. Tellement proche des références du polar noir qu'un pack GTA III + Pulp Fiction était vendu pour 60 boules.
90 (May 29, 2002)
In aller Kürze: Geht und kauft Euch eines der derzeit besten PC-Spiele überhaupt! Etwas länger: Ich habe selten ein Spiel mit derartiger Handlungsfreiheit erlebt. Es gibt immer mehrere Lösungen für ein Problem; wenn man will, kann man sein Geld auch friedlich verdienen - oder aber auch als Gangster übelster Sorte, wenn man mit den Konsequenzen leben kann. Grafik, Sound, Spielwitz und Mittendrin-Gefühl sind vom Allerfeinsten und die Motivation auch nach Tagen und Wochen des Spiels ungebrochen hoch. Einige kleinere Dämpfer wie Grafikfehler, das eingeschränkte Speichersystem oder die eine oder andere maue Mission vermögen den Spielspaß kaum zu bremsen. GTA3 ist am PC mindestens genauso ein Highlight wie auf der PS2 - wenn nicht sogar ein wenig mehr. Allerdings nur für Spieler, die kein Problem mit der teils heftigen Gewaltdarstellung haben.
Gamekult (May 29, 2002)
Avec Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar Studios offre une nouvelle référence au genre et un beau cadeau aux fans de la série. Le gameplay du premier épisode, associé à une liberté d'action jamais vue, une ville superbement modélisée, un moteur physique bien sympathique et une durée de vie exemplaire, la barre est placée très haut. Le copier/coller intégral de la version PS2 sur nos machines (jusqu'au livret, qui est strictement identique... mis à part les contrôles clavier) est cependant un brin intégral et aucune grosse modification n'est présente, si ce n'est le support de nombreuses résolutions : pas de multi, les mêmes sacrifices de mémoire et surtout, l'animation moyenne pour la plupart des machines. En bref, un excellent jeu à posséder, mais qui demande tout de même une grosse machine pour véritablement s'exprimer graphiquement. Un manque d'optimisation un peu triste, quand même.
PC Zone Benelux (Jul, 2002)
Op enkele diehard fans van de eerste twee delen na, zal iedereen wel tevreden zijn met het nieuwe driedimensionale uiterlijk van het spel. Dat werkt uitstekend. De cameravoering is prima, zowel als je loopt als vanuit een auto. Het spel ziet er in 3D ook prima uit, zelfs nog een stuk beter dan de eerder verschenen versie voor de PlayStation 2. Ook de verschillende auto's zijn prima. Ze sturen lekker direct en dat is goed in een spel als dit. Bovendien voelt elk model anders aan, er zit dus een groot verschil tussen een sportwagen en een verhuistruck. Hierin is GTA3 echter niet echt spectaculair. Het spel is top omdat het zo heerlijk ongecompliceerd, enorm grappig en ongekend afwisselend is.
Annars måste jag säga att Grand Theft Auto III är lika härligt och fascinerande som det var när det debuterade till PlayStation2. Det ger spelaren en fantastisk frihet i en våldsam stad som inbjuder till brott av både små och stora mått. En milstople inom spelhistorien som mycket välförtjänt vann titeln "Årets spel" på senaste Spelgalan.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun, 2002)
Nach der Konsolenfassung habe ich GTA 3 auf dem PC erneut durchgespielt, obwohl die Missionen identisch sind. Denn dank der alternativen Lösungswege machen die Botenfahrten und Killer-Aufträge auch beim zweiten Mal Spaß. Es steht mir völlig frei, wie ich etwa Mafia-Boss Salvatore ausschalte. Wenn mir das Scharfschützengewehr zu langweilig ist, ramme ich halt seine Limousine zu Klump. Oder ich blockiere seinen Heimweg mit einer Straßensperre aus geklauten Lieferwagen. Ein paar Handgranaten aus dem Hinterhalt erledigen dann den Rest. Da ist es mir auch egal, dass das Spielprinzip nur aus Fahren und Ballern besteht. Erstklassig ist die Atmosphäre gelungen: Die Gangsterbosse in den Zwischensequenzen sind richtige Charakterköpfe. Schade nur, dass die hervorragenden Sprecher ihre Aufträge nicht auf Deutsch erteilen. Das und einige technische Schlampereien legen die Vermutung nahe, dass GTA 3 schnell fertig werden musste.
90 (Jun 09, 2002)
This game is destined to be a big hit on the PC. It mixes driving, wandering around with big guns, and even bigger explosions. One thing to note; this game is not subtle and if you prefer the more cerebral PC experiences then this might not be for you. I'm sure for the rest of the bloodthirsty masses it's been a long wait for this conversion, and it's definitely been worth it. GTA3 is a big release that doesn't disappoint. What are waiting for? Go run over some old people. Ahem.
ESC Magazine (Jul 01, 2002)
Grand Theft Auto III stands as a testament to game makers on how to do it right. The open-ended style of gameplay, the side-quests, the missions, the driving, the flying, the running, the shooting, the crime waves, the jumps, the cars, the people, the innuendo, the humor and the sheer fun all combine together to make a great, easily accessible, sweet-ass game.
90 (Jun 21, 2002)
Choose rainy days, choose uzis and bazookas, choose a fast car or a bullet proof patriot, choose hookers instead of girlfriends, choose money over friendship, choose insane stunt jumps and suspended railway cruising, choose gunned policemen and torched cars, choose dead SWAT teams and blown helicopters, choose Asuka and Maria both in same time (trust me), choose the sweetest life, choose Grand Theft Auto 3!
Grand Theft Auto 3 does a great job at immersing the player within the game, and for me, racing from the cops trying your best to stay alive is a more exciting than most new games. It may not have the most technologically advanced graphics, but it’s put together in such a great way that the cities truly come to life. The audio also plays a very important part in Grand Theft Auto 3, with professional voice-overs and very diverse music. Multiplayer would be an awesome addition to the game, and even though it sadly isn’t included the single player part is very fun to play, and with so many challenging missions you’ll surely get your money worth. If you like action in any way and have a somewhat new PC then be sure to buy this game, just don’t shoot the clerk at the store.
As a game, Grand Theft Auto III is fun with impressive character development, replay, variety, and gore. With the separate missions optional with the Taxicabs, Fire Trucks, and Police Cars. Rampage missions, evading the police, and racing your car off ridiculous jumps are so much fun that completing the missions may take you quite a while. Just do everyone a favor and keep the kids away from it.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 29, 2002)
Geen enkel moreel bezwaar zou je mogen weerhouden te genieten van dit schitterende spel. Topklasse!
ActionTrip (May 29, 2002)
In a nutshell, GTA3 suffers a bit from console porting syndrome, and the designers could've worked a bit more on the whole side-quest concept, but I think you'll find that in the end, this is one addictive, intelligent and original game that's definitely worth your money.
PC Games (Germany) (Jun 14, 2002)
GTA 3 ist eine Wundertüte: Man weiß nie, was einen erwartet. Als ich den zur Routine gewordenen Autoklau zum hundertstem Mal vollzog und den Fahrer eines Wagens grob vom Steuer wegzerrte, war die Überraschung groß: Die Person entpuppte sich als energische Oma, die Karatekicks und fiese Schläge mit der Einkaufstasche beherrschte. Unglaublich, was in GTA 3 alles drinsteckt. Da sind unzählige Autos, die sich allesamt unterschiedlich fahren, und über 70 abwechslungsreiche Missionen in einer Stadt, wie sie lebendiger nie simuliert wurde. Damit verfügt der Titel über zwei Dinge, die im Action-Genre heutzutage rar sind: Einzigartigkeit und Umfang. Die 90er-Hürde schafft GTA 3 trotzdem nicht. Erstens ist mir die beschränkte Speicherfunktion zu umständlich, zweitens die Fahrzeugsteuerung in den ersten Spielstunden zu schwierig, weil übersensibel.
Game Over Online (Jul 18, 2002)
The swell thing about GTA3 is its flexibility. I can run the missions, or just cruise around the town. I can play for five minutes or over three hours (and I’ve done both). It’s more or less an arcade game, but there’s enough stuff going on to hold your interest. It’s not deep and it’s not teaching our children good things about being productive members of society, but it’s fun, and personally that’s all I expect a game to be.
PC Powerplay (Jul, 2005)
Auch nach drei Jahren hat das erste GTA in 3D nichts von seinem Charme eingebüßt. Klar: Verglichen mit San Andreas eher ein Dorf, und der triste „grau in grau“-Look lässt mich mit Wehmut ans quietschbunte Vice City denken. Als Budget-Titel allerdings steht der Opa noch locker seinen Mann, und wer die spielübergreifende Story in ihrer ganzen Pracht genießen will, kommt um Teil drei nicht herum.
85 (May 29, 2002)
Depuis sa version PS2, GTA 3 n'a pas pris une ride. Bien au contraire ! On peut même dire qu'il a subi un agréable lifting. Mis à part la jouabilité très agaçante, le titre n'a rien perdu de son charme et de son intérêt. Un jeu chaudement conseillé !
FiringSquad (Jun 07, 2002)
Who would I recommend this game to? Grand Theft Auto 3 is for those gamers who like to “tinker” with a game – finding all the secrets, collecting every hidden item, exploiting bugs, etc – just for the hell of it. Those same gamers who liked to play Black & White just to see what the creature would do will like GTA3. Instead of pondering where you creature will take a dump, you can see how many people you can kill before the cops bust your ass.
Factornews (May 30, 2002)
Promis j'le f'rai plus m'sieur l'juge. D'un côté, Grand Theft Auto 3 est un chef d'oeuvre de réalisation. Liberté totale dans une mégapole quasiment à l'échelle 1, missions d'une variété incroyable, langage adulte (en Anglais, et c'est tant mieux), immoralité omniprésente. Mais ce tableau idyllique est un peu gâché par une IA à coucher dehors et qui vous fera piquer des crises de nerf digne d'une Milla Jovovitch sur un plateau de France 2 (si vous ne voyez pas de quoi je parle c'est pas grave). C'est ce qui manque à ce jeu pour en faire un véritable mythe, même si l'excellente réputation de la série est déjà éloquente. Les graphismes sont honnêtes, mais on sent bien les limitations de la console derrière que les développeurs n'ont pas pu (voulu ? eu le temps ?) véritablement faire disparaître pour laisser s'exprimer les cartes de dernière génération que nous autres utilisateurs PCs ne manquons pas de courrir après. Un excellent jeu, vraiment, mais boudiou pourvu qu'ils patchent l'IA !
Grand Theft Auto will always go down as the game series that invented the sandbox genre, and continues to reinvent it. The defining characteristic of the sandbox genre is the ability to do just about anything. A player can commandeer any car, and go just about anywhere. GTA3 is the first game in the series to make the leap to 3D, opening up many new possibilities. The game puts the player in the shoes of a silent mobster, running dangerous, illegal, or immoral (or all of the above) errands for various people. These missions involve murder, robbery, extortion, street racing, transport, and other activities. This is while trying to unravel a story of revenge, as the main character must get back at his former lover, who turned on him in a robbery. The city is very lifelike, bustling with activity. The game spans three islands of the quite large Liberty City, each island becoming available after a certain point in the game.