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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Our hero.
Streets of Los Santos.
We're going to San Fierro.
In a restaurant.
"Can I borrow this car, please?"
Barber shop.
New clothes.
I saw this guy before...
In San Andreas you could even steal a train.
Beton truck.
Driving school.
West of Los Santos.
It's raining.
Angel Pike.
Mount Chillad - Top of the world.
You can even jump from the mountain on a bike without consequences.
Gym in San Fierro.
Streets of San Fierro.
Streets of Los Santos.
Prepare to jump...
Las Venturas.
Old Venturas Strip.
Massacre on the freeway.
In a tank.
Two strange guys in San Fierro
Biglog's Cok-o-Pops - Start your day with a mouthful of cok!
Lowrider in front of burning houses
Slaughter in the Slaughterhouse
GTA Vice City - Free Tommy Vercetti doll!
Guy tied to front of car - The aim of this mission is to drive around and scare him as much as possible.
Hotring Racing
Bloodring Banger
Some Monster Trucks