Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Luis Fernando Lopez, the protagonist
Tony Prince, called "Gay Tony", Luis' boss and business partner
The intro shows a scene from the main game from another perspective
New mini game: dancing
New mini game: drinking
After every mission the games ranks the player's performance
One of the unusual new mission: Luis plays Golf... get an union leader to talk
This results in a firefight...
...and a golf car chase
Meet Luis' mom and an honorable businessman...
...which leads directly to the next mini game: price fighting
The player deals with a combat chopper in one of the first missions of the game
A club management mission
A drug war mission
One of the recurring themes of Ballad of Gay Tony: big explosions
There are also several opportunities to use boats
Luis loves his job
Grand Theft Auto IV players will recognize this scene
The real star of the game: Yusuf Amir
New mini game: base jumping
Don't even think about playing the various helicopter missions with the keyboard
Races in this game include base jumping, boats and cars. Shown in this shot: the ancient art of driving an overturned vehicle
Bikers learned new moves since The Lost and Damned...
A beautiful night view of Liberty City
After beating the game players can replay all missions to get better scores (ATTENTION: The following screenshots show later missions)
Dealing with an annoying blogger
Luis loved his other job better
Driving a tank
Another familiar scene
Under heavy police fire
These Russians play an important part in the game
Infiltrating a TV station
A great scheme
A cameo of well-known characters from GTA 4
Luis gets help from an old friend
Cars that participate in races are equipped with NO2
The increased height and unlimited access to the combat chopper (later in the game) guarantee several hours of fun
Title screen
The protagonist's flat can hold several powerful weapons