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Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Took the bus...
The in-game menu with map
Driving in first person perspective
I'm playing the wrong character for this mission
Taxi fare complete!
Driving at night
Buying and upgrading a gun at Amunation
Found a stunt plane
Stunt plane time trials
I can fly!
A nice day for a drive
Michael's safehouse
Cut scene
At the mechanic
Mission passed!
Helping a paparazzi get his pictures
I'm a wanted man
My stamina improved!
Shooting gallery challenges
Should I go for budget protection or select something more expensive?
Amunation has expanded its business
Relaxing between missions with a nice game of golf
The internet
Buying stocks
A running competition
At the shrink
Traffic jam GTA style
Thatäs one powerful fire hydrant
Setting up a heist
Cars that lands up side down doesn't catch fire anymore
Found a stunt jump
Switching between characters
My dog got distracted....
First person view
To bad that I can't buy any hot dogs here
Robbery in progress
Trevor is a really unpleasant guy
Creating my online character
Preparing for a multiplayer race
Car chase. You can freely select between Michael (driving) and Franklin (shooting)
Riding on a bike in first-person while also reading a text message. Safety first!
First-person gun fight. Modded shotgun with flashlight.
Watching TV. Republican Space Rangers animated show.
Vanilla Unicorn strip club
There's a whole underwater coastal strip around the island to explore
Driving bad daughter back home
ÀTV and dirt bike racing
Michael participating in marathon. As seen in real-time from Weasel News helicopter
There are some psychedelic moments
Trevor's special ability is Rage. With special visual filter.
When all three characters are in firefight you can switch freely between them
Having some quick sex on the street
Trevor following the downed plane in country side
Nothing says "screw you" better than heavy armor and machine gun
Base jumping
Weather effects
Making Lazlow pay for his attitude
Trevor has no idea what happened last night
The highest number of radio stations in a GTA game to date
I've got attack chopper
There are many beautiful moments in the game
Bringing chaos to the world as a Bigfoot. Requires some very specific actions to unlock.
Drinking with Franklin and Trevor
GTA Online - The Diamond Casino & Resort is a newly-opened business located in East Vinewood where the original casino was found.
GTA Online - Players can participate in numerous new casino-themed activities or spin the lucky wheel to win that supercar on the podium.