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antstream tournament
Written by  :  Ben Fahy (94)
Written on  :  Nov 20, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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The Good

For one thing it's funny- however, some of the jokes are of an adult nature so kids under the age of 15 probably shouldn't play it (they wouldn't get the jokes anyhow...) The cars act more realistically in this game than they do in some racing games! The controls are right on and the gameplay is great. And the graphics, although bad, make the game that much funnier!

The Bad

The graphics are pretty bad.

The Bottom Line

Don't worry about the graphics. This game isn't for people with 2 Ghz computers and GeForce 3's. This game's emphasis is on good fun and good humour- and it succeeds at both very well! Some of the content is either offensive, innapropriate, or both, so youngins beware!!!

antstream tournament