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Grandia II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Menu screen
Managing the inventory, skills and spells
Although some environments have console port written all over them, other settings look magnificent
Turnbased combat fighting scenes in Final fantasy style
Whenever you enter new place, either indoor or outdoor, it will be prompted
Ryudo cares about the family, only not in so traditional way
Your first mission is of escorting nature, and you'll be hired by the local priest
On the map you can enter adjacent places to your current location
Battle menu lets you select attacking method, ability to defend yourself, cast magic, and more
Although Ryudo is a gentleman, he won't suppress himself to say what's on his mind
There are no random enemy battles, you can clearly see every opponent before you decide to fight or flee
While in defend mode, enemies will deal much less of a damage than usual
In save points you can as well fully recover, free of charge
Whenever you can do a special action such as push the boulder, break the window, etc., you'll see a flashy icon while close to the hot-spot
This is a daring escape, but... what was that rope doing here in the first place?
Millenia, a mysterious yet powerful character you'll meet on your quest... but, is she to be trusted?
Ryudo and Elena fighting a couple of poisonous snakes
Hack the mushroom to see if you can find some useful items... or wake a fierce enemy
Elena using one of her special attacks
Ryudo talking to his good ol' buddy Vyx, the innkeeper
To some women you simply stay frozen, whether you like it or not
Millenia performing her wing attack that harms multiple enemies
Choosing a special attack move during the battle in the underground caves
The way of getting new party members can sometimes be quite straight-forward
The very first boss battle against the horned beast and his minions
When you choose to stay over night at the inn, first you get a chance to talk with your companions over dinner
After the battle, you characters gather experience points
Elena finally meeting her "dark" inner self
Depending up on your timing and approach, you'll have the initiative in the battle, or be surprised by the enemy attack
Arm wrestling, one of the minigames, and little awkward to play on the keyboard
Elena and Ryudo don't get along... at first
Something dark is engulfing Elena, and Ryudo is no stranger to it
Millenia has taken a liking to Ryudo
Ryudo needs to stockpile on the prayers before the journey begins
Roan and Ryudo unraveling the secret behind Millenia
Elena is having doubts about herself
She may feel sacrificial, but Ryudo is not gonna take her on the offer
Your faithful companion Skye commenting on your sleeping skills
Alas, this is no time for singing
Millenia is not as dark as she's trying to appear
Ryudo and Millenia on a date
Sharing a moment with Elena
Seems like Melfice wanted to fight with Ryudo, but for a completely different reason than presented
Ryudo posing to strike Elane down to stop the darkness
Millenia has gone hysterical after Ryudo has fallen ill
Tio is learning what is means to be alive
Roan back on his throne
Fighting enemies in Roan's kingdom
An epic kiss with lots of graphical glitches