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Gravity Angels Part 2: The Betrayal Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Ready to start watching the second episode in BDE's proprietary movie player
We're introduced to the main characters
Main title
Solaris on remote control, making a geological scan of the base area
Miller Western company doesn't care much for its employees... nor does it care for correct spelling
Reece isn't one to be thrown in the brig without a fight
Interference from the alien artefact makes all systems go haywire, including this robot
Jazz will have to face Ganymede's storms to reach the comms tower
Meanwhile, Green briefs his men on the job at hand: take out anyone they come across
Phew, that was close!
Which wire to pick: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
Reece pursuades the staff to leave the room
Sneaking up on a sentry guarding an arms locker
The railgun gets blown up by the bad guys
There's some nasty scenes in this game
Cobb feeling sorry for himself near the bodies of his fallen colleagues
Cobb confronts Green: Will he shoot him?
Decisions, decisions...
Trying to save a survivor with an oxygen line
Stormtroopers try to break into the comms room, but Reece goes John Woo on them
A mining robot trying to drill through the debris in a collapsed shaft