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Gravity Angels Part 3: Payback Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

BDE's proprietary media player
Personnel files of the main characters show at the start of each episode
Main title
Doc Bennett can't take it anymore and threatens to blow everyone sky-high
Ty and Felice piggybacking on the sub
Entering the alien ship through a crack in the hull
Alien control holograms
Meanwhile, Green is up to more mischief
Barely made it out alive
Pipes start bursting all over the base. That can't be a good sign.
Being the hero that he is, Ty does all his own stunts
Trash compactor - Cobb:"This reminds me of a movie Jazz once got me to watch."
Bennett and Ty come tumbling down an air duct
stuck lever + blow from wrench + room full of gas ...
... = tragedy. Cue the corny I-just-wanted-to-be-strong-like-you death scene.
Lucky for Reece Green is such a crap shot
Cobb:"Look up, Jim!"
Green:"You don't really think I'd fall for that, do you?"
Cobb had a big score to settle with his former 'colleague'
A moral dilemma: life or death for Green