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Gravity Angels Part 4: Death Force Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Movie player and chapter selection
Main title
Chapter title
Felice and Ty make another trip to the alien ship
Alien psychadelica
The duo discovers the alien ship's control room
Meeting the elusive alien
Wait, what's Voyager got to do with this? Hmm, reminds me of another space-trekking movie.
Blowing up the mine shafts will make the base easier to defend
Uh-oh! Here they come.
Miller Western battlecruiser on approach to Ganymede
Ty and Felice hijack the orbital launch platform
Ty almost gets killed when his jetpack malfunctions
Company gunship and dropship arriving at the base
...and they've brought some serious hardware
Two goons catch Lt. Reece off guard
Reece goes crazy with the missile launcher
Jazz and Bennett struggle to evacuate a patient
Gord vs. Sentry Robot
Gunship on a bombing run of the base
Gunship crew: "Fancy a puff from my spliff?" "Can't you see I'm trying to work here and besides, I'm wearing this ridiculous collar."
If you chose to let Green live, he'll do his utmost to make you regret it
Green steals a ship from the base hangar
Somewhat cool dogfight scene
Pull up! Pull up!