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In Gravity Gems, your objective is to remove rows of at least five blocks (gems) of the same color, while avoiding the complete filling of the board.

The board of this game consists of 9 by 9 rows, which looks like a rhombus drawn from a top-down view. However, it is actually that you look from the side to it, so there is literally a lower and an upper part of the board. And that's where the Gravity from Gravity Gems comes into play, as gems are falling down in direction of the lower part when gems beneath it are removed.

The game offers the player four different game modes: Time Gems, Classic Gems, Tactical Gems, and Puzzle Gems.

In Classic Gems, you start with a half filled board (obviously, due to the gravity, the lower part is filled). Now you are giving a gems, which you must insert in any of the 18 possible places (lower left or lower right side, 9 at each side). When you insert the gem, all gems in the diagonal line above it will move one place up and the top gem might fall down in the other diagonal line, if there is a free space beneath it in this direction. As soon as five gems of the same color are together in a line, they will vanish. The amount of new gems is unlimited, but as soon as the entire board is filled, you have lost.

The mode is divided into levels, but you will always play the the same board. At some levels, you will get more colored gems, making the game more difficult. But you will also get special items, both good and bad, like the blocker (which is useless, but it hinders you), the grenade (which destroys all gems of the same color in the board as the one were it explodes), the rainbow gem (which functions as a wild card, working as any color), and others.

Time Gems is like Classic, but you play against the clock (besides against the board filling), whereby Classic is without a time limit. There is a time meter in the game, which will sink slowly. But you can rise it by exploding gems. Once it falls to the bottom, you have lost.

In Tactical Gems, you play as in Classic, but with one major difference. In Classic, you can explode any color combination at any time, but here you have to explode a certain color, which is shown upper right of the board. When you have created for example a 6 gems yellow row while your mission was to destroy red rows, those yellow rows will stay until you are allowed to destroy yellow and you attach another gem to this particularly row.

Now Puzzle Gems is totally different. You have a certain given board, which is filled with a certain pattern. Now you are giving only a few gems and/or special item and you must remove all gems from the board with those limited things. If even just one gem remain on the board, you have failed and have to retry the level.


Gravity Gems Windows Puzzle Mode - the level is drawn
Gravity Gems Windows Main menu
Gravity Gems Windows Puzzle Mode - Level 1 - You just have one grenade for this level, nothing more...
Gravity Gems Windows Classic Mode - Begin of Level 1

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