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Gravity Well Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen displays as the game loads
When the game loads the game starts to play by itself while credits scroll up the screen on the right. This is the standard view of the players ship which is in the centre
This is the game customisation screen. Not all weapons are available at the start of the game. upgrades are earned by building tech bases
The Network Settings screen
Flight training in the Thustras Eye sector. The ship will continue to move in its current direction until thrust is applied to change that direction.
A successful landing! All landings are a bit like Lander games, the ship must be rotated so that thrusters can be used to slow descent.
Orbit lines, which can be toggled on/off are great when trying to work out where the ship is in relation to a planet. They also show when the ship has crossed into enemy space
Start of a game in the 'Fallen Legions of Muturon' sector.
The player can zoom in and out of the action. This is a close up of the human ship. The shields on one side are active due to the proximity to the sun
Here the player has zoomed out to reveal the location of the red base
Attacking the red base. Normal cannon fire consists of white dots, heavy cannon fire is sparkly and colourful. All weapons have a finite range.
The yellow base in the players system. By landing on it the base can be changed to a blue base
Blue team has located a habitable planet and has claimed it by landing on it. Once a base has been built it must be destroyed before another team can claim the planet
The purple team managed to sneak in a claim before the blue freighters could build a base. Now the yellow team is about to usurp their claim
The red team have made their claim to the same planet and are defending it
Purple team are attacking the blue base. Note the damage indicator on the lower left. The ship will have to return home to be repaired
Yellow & purple fighting over an uninhabitable planet. Yellow has better weapons. The lower right status bar shows the points scored by each player. Clicking on an opponents colour shows their ship
The in-game menu allows sound effects, light levels and other game controls to be changed
Red team has landed for repairs
End of game scores where the yellow team defeated the purple team.(This is for the end of a demonstration game)