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The Great Battles: Collector's Edition Credits

52 people


ProducerDavid Green
Game Design ConsultantS. Craig Taylor
InstallationSteve Bridge
Technical EditorSara Ley
Quality ManagerMark Moormans
Quality Assurance CoordinatorJean-Paul Berard
Internal PlaytestingJeremy Bowers, James Cowgill, Chris Gardner, Carlin Gartrell, Denham Hardman, Dave Hefner, Christine Heneghan, Joey Luther, Sean McDaniels, Tony Miranda, Beau Norris, Jim Osborn, Chuck Rice
External PlaytestingSteve Lieb, Brant McClure, Dennis Mclaughlin, Gary C. Morgan, Phil Natta, John Noory, Jim Pedicord, Peter Pelka, Mark Perry, Lu Pham, Louis Portillo, Gary Rost
Product Marketing ManagerVince Matthews
Introduction NarrationsScott Addison Clay, Don Blair
Cover DesignRobert Rodriguez
DesignGene Billingsley, Richard H. Berg, Mark Herman
ProducersDan Masterson, Bruce Nielson
ProgrammingJoel Barber
ArtworkKari Christensen, Daniel Johnson, Michael Murrill, Andrew Nielson, Marika Stacey
MusicMike Meads
SoundDaniel Johnson
Original Board Game DesignRichard H. Berg, Mark Herman
Engine DevelopmentJoel Barber, Ian Lewis, Ken Meads, Chad Peterson, Sean Rohead
Scenario Editor ProgrammersKen Meads, Lee Peterson
Scenario Editor ArtworkKari Christensen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Blacksun (92)

antstream tournament