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Greed Corp. Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro sequence - The title's mascots
Intro sequence - Once upon a time in a land of milk and honey
Intro sequence -The different factions are shown
Intro sequence - Factories consuming the world
Title screen
Main menu
There are four campaigns; one for each faction
Starting situation of one of the maps
You can zoom out with spacebar
All the factions are split up into two lands
When constructing a harvester you can see what lands it will affect
Attacking the enemy
Enemy bought a cannon
Harvesters tumble to their destruction
Money earned and land demolished
Flying towards the enemy
Late game: almost all the land is gone
One of the players is eliminated
Only two players left
Enemy build an offensive harvester at my base
In the game room you can select opponents (splitscreen, online or CPU)
On this map every faction starts on a separate island
Red crosses show where I can't go
Reckless destruction!
Time to attack!
Aircraft fly my units to different islands
Yellow isn't going to like this!
Yellow counter-attacks
Cannon fire lowers tiles and destroys units
I won a match
Some maps have very confusing starting situations
Overview is critical here
Part of the map is already crumbling...
...there goes the neighbourhood!
End-games are usually always very short on tiles