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User Reviews

Swan song in the afterlife Unicorn Lynx (181446) 4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars
A gem so flawless, you need an electron microscope to see its flaws. Zack Green (1184) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
If video games really are art, this is the greatest game ever made. kyuzo (21) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
A great game with some minor flaws Marty Bonus (41) unrated
Excellent modern adventure Ashley Pomeroy (233) 4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars
The greatest game ever James Isaac (284) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Extraordinary game! Fakey McFake (4) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Ultra stylish epic, and the beauty is more than skin-deep. Shazbut (167) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
"I Am More Than Dead" MasterMegid (902) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Wow, I didn't think that the dead could talk Katakis | カタキス (42793) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.4
Overall User Score (368 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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The puzzles get tougher as you go on, although their nature will probably be familiar to the people who've played the Monkey Island trilogy. Plus there are numerous references to past adventures to let you know who's game you're playing. The characters re very imaginative and their interactions funny. In short, it's what we've come to expect from LucasArts. And we want more of it, and maybe a new Sam and Max game while we're waiting!
Grim Fandango is a must-have for adventure fans. An entertaining, gorgeous video game experience that begs, scratch that, demands to be played.
Attack Games (Feb, 1999)
Grim Fandango är det bästa som släppts på evigheter. Spelet ger dig många timmars underhållning och en annorlunda upplevelse. Det är en riktig pärla som sätter en ny standard för äventyrsspel. Frågan är om det går att toppa. Jag tvivlar.
Just as the pundits were issuing the last rites to the adventure game genre, it returned with gusto, forcibly resurrected by LucasArts' own tale of the dead. In the LucasArts tradition, Grim Fandango is witty, clever, and amazingly immersive. The first adventure game to be set in a fully 3D world, there is so much to see and do that you'll spend weeks looking for all the hidden goodies. And while a number of overly clumsy puzzles bring the quality down a little, the plot is so good that any adventure game fan will be immediately hooked.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 14, 2010)
And that’s just the thing. Manny makes the story. He’s as likeable as protagonists get. Though never laugh-out loud funny, his demeanour is so endearing that you’ll fight for him until the end. Stretching a good twenty hours or so of gameplay – far shorter if you cheat, of course – Grim Fandango is an unforgettable ride. It’s a story that will live with you long after the credits roll. Whether you finish it a dozen times or more, it’s guaranteed that you’ll still find something new to laugh about when you jump back in. There are so many touches and intricate details to admire that you only wish Schafer had the inner workings of his brain on display for all to see.
So is Grim Fandango the Last Greatest adventure game? No, but it does have that rare magic that keeps you up, gaming late into the night because you're dying to know what will happen next. It's one of the few adventures that left me with a terrible feeling of emptiness once it was completed. Never has something so Grim given me so many hours of pleasure.
GameGenie (1999)
This is a wonderful game! Grim Fandango brings spectacular graphics, sound, and gameplay to your computer. With a plot worthy of a movie script, you will certainly be entertained for hours on end.
Grim Fandango is a classic that is not only among the greatest adventure games ever made but also among the greatest stories ever told. It is rare for a game to maintain an everlasting eminence such that it can still best more contemporary titles year after year. Indeed, there are only a few games that, no matter how old, can sustain the quality or appeal that goes far beyond what the game industry churns out since then. Grim Fandango is such a game.
Aventura y Cía (Aug 14, 2001)
Grim Fandango debería ser sinónimo de aventura gráfica, tal como lo es Monkey island o Maniac Mansion, pero el intolerante empeño de un sector intransigente de aventureros encerrados en las dos dimensiones (hay que decir que Grim Fandango tiene más de 2D que de 3D) y en las aventuras, ya no clásicas, pues esta lo es o deberia serlo, sino antiguas, hace en ocasiones (por suerte en cada vez menos) que Grim Fandango sea infravalorado. Craso error.
100 (Dec, 1998)
Un gioco che resta nellOlimpo delle avventure grafiche.
This is far and away the most stylish and entertaining game I've ever played. You've got to play it! No self-respecting adventure gamer should be without it. This is what other adventure games only aspire to be. It is extremely well-written, well-executed, and above all, fun to play. Are you on your way to the store yet? You'd better get a move on! A better game I've yet to play ... I've got to update my favorites list and put Grim Fandango in the number one spot. Two thumbs up (and they're both mine!). The main drawback of this game is the ending—I wish there wasn't one.
Just Adventure (May 05, 2003)
Most adventure gamers agree that Grim Fandango is one of the best LucasArts adventures and adventure games in general. Quite possibly one of the top five adventures of all time, and certainly in the Top Ten. The style, atmosphere, wit, creativity and inventiveness are what makes Grim Fandango remarkable. No adventurer should miss this game. One would almost say that "they don't make them like that anymore" - but fortunately that isn't quite true. Grim Fandango is clearly an A class game - and it could have been an A+ if it weren't for the clumsy controls. If you haven't yet, go play Grim Fandango now!
Es una lástima que Grim Fandango fuese el último trabajo de Tim Schafer para LucasArts y que poco tiempo después la empresa dejase de lado las aventuras gráficas, ese género en el que tanto había destacado. Pero bueno, las cosas no siempre son como uno espera, aunque con este juego todo salió a pedir de boca: gráficos 3D magníficos, sistema de juego renovado, puzles exigentes, gran duración, argumento absorbente, personajes memorables y situaciones cachondas al estilo LucasArts.
Svenska PC Gamer (Oct, 1998)
Det är väldigt svårt att se vad LucasArts skulle kunna förbättra, om man tänker sig att de skulle hålla kvar vid peka-och-klicka-formeln. På längre sikt ligger äventyrsspelens framtid i riktig 3D, men just nu räcker det gott och väl med snygg 2D. Precis som med alla spel är det själva utförandet som räknas, och i Grim Fandango har vi det snyggaste, smartaste och mest underhållande äventyrsspel vi eller några andra har sett.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 08, 1998)
Этот крайне амбициозный проект удался. Мое пессимистичное эго посрамлено и “мирно“ посапывает до очередного вражеского заявления какой-нибудь игровой компании. Все, касающееся Grim Fandango и написанное в пресс-релизах, оказалось чистой и даже преуменьшенной правдой. LucasArts вновь родила хит, который показал, что даже нестандартные идеи иногда имеют феноменальное воплощение. Лично для себя я ставлю Grim Fandango в один ряд с лучшими современными адвенчурами — Blade Runner’ом, Sanitarium’ом и Last Express’ом. Теперь все мои надежды устремлены в сторону продолжения игры, которое, судя по концовке первой части и слухам из LucasArts, выйдет в конце 1999’го — начале 2000 года. Буду ждать. И ждать с нетерпением... Чего и вам советую.
Nos encontramos, sin duda alguna, ante una de las mejores aventuras gráficas jamás creadas y cuya presencia en el top 10 de nuestra megalista se me antoja perfectamente justificada. Jamás tanta originalidad ni tanta mezcolanza tuvo tan buenos frutos y con tanto tino. "Grim Fandango" reúne todos los elementos que hacen grande a una aventura
Hacker (Dec, 1998)
Sve u svemu, ne možemo naći ikakvih ozbiljnijih zamjerki ovom remek-djelu, osim kojiput sporog učitavanja lokacija i zvuka, naročito kod sporijih CD čitača (vidi okvir). Atmosfera, igrivost, grafika i zvuk - sve to je toliko dobro i originalno napravljeno da postavlja nove standarde i kvalitetom unapređuje čitav žanr. Ovo je jedna od najzaraznijih i najigrivijih avantura svih vremena, i svakako najozbiljniji kandidat u kategoriji avanture godine. Bio bi ogroman propust ne odigrati ovu sjajnu igru!
94 Gaming Portal (Apr 02, 2008)
Ovo je jedan o klasika avanturističkog žanra koji definitivno ne smijete propustiti ako ste ljubitelj istog i ako ga već niste isprobali. No čak i da ste već jednom prošli kroz cijelu avanturu sa Mannyem u Zemlji mrtvih, nadam se kako će va ova recenzija podsjetiti na ovu odličnu igru i nagnati na to da ju još jednom odigrate. Vi koji ju još niste igrali, neznam što čekate. Jedini problem na koji možda naletite su eventualni tehnički problemi. Ipak je ovo deset godina stara igra, čuo sam da je nekima sa novijim konfiguracijama stvarala probleme koje ni patch nije uspio riješiti. Sve u svemu, ovaj naslov definitivno zaslužuje svoje mjesto u vašoj vitrini jer je remek djelo svog žanra sa neodoljivim šarmom, prejakim likovima, odličnom atmosferom i više nego pogođenim humorom.
NZGamer (Mar 30, 2007)
Truly a masterpiece of gaming and the bastion of the adventure genre, Grim Fandango should be played and enjoyed by all. Only a Philistine would turn their nose up at such brilliance, and only a fool would shy away from a cost of $15. Unless you truly are the lowest common denominator, you owe it to yourself to play Grim Fandango. Purchase immediately.
Game Over Online (Nov 07, 1998)
In almost every way Grim Fandango has proven itself to me as a breakthrough title. The graphics, sound, story are all incredible, the movies are amazing and I really can't find anything wrong with this game other than the somewhat annoying control system. Thankfully it is not as short as Full Throttle and it is definitely worth BUYING! I just wish games like this had some replay value. In one final note, if you don't like adventure games you should consider trying this title as its unique and refreshing approach might give you a new appreciation of the adventure genre.
IGN (Nov 03, 1998)
Most gamers today think of adventure games as endless repetitions of the same puzzles and storylines pieced together with some flat screen graphics (or worse still, some FMV) and some voice talent. Sadder still, for the most part, they're right. But one company has been doing it right since the beginning – LucasArts. While other companies were aiming for watered down licenses that would spawn four or five adventure games in the same world, these guys have been creating games that are as deep and rich in and of themselves as any feature film. Four of these adventure games, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, and Full Throttle have become classics of the genre by standing as shining examples of game design, smooth puzzle incorporation, humor, and plot development respectively. Now, with Grim Fandango, the company has brought all of these features together in one title that stands miles above any yet released in the genre.
Gamezilla (Nov 30, 1998)
Excellent game. I couldn’t leave it alone. It wasn’t as funny as the Monkey Island series (though it ends much better than The Curse of Monkey Island), but it gives you a story you can get into and generates enough interest in the characters to pull you through the occasional rough spot. I particularly liked the consistent film noir theme (especially a bit of homage paid to Casablanca in Year Two). It’s definitely a must-buy if you’re a fan of adventure games. If you’re not, well, this game may turn you around.
Spillets sydamerikanske aner fornægter sig ikke, og nogle scener er næsten poetiske. Der er langt mellem spil, hvor figurerne virker så ægte, udtryksfulde og levende. Tænk at man skal til dødsriget for at møde den slags mennesker.
GameSpot (Oct 30, 1998)
Adventure game designers face a difficult task. The genre is by its very nature linear and serves primarily to tell stories, but without puzzles, there's no game. Combining these two elements is the challenge. The story must be intricate and engaging enough to make the inclusion of puzzles seem plausible, and the puzzles must be clever enough to not jump out as an artificial roadblock for the story. It's the rare game that meets one of these goals, let alone both. But Grim Fandango, the latest from Tim Schafer of Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle fame, achieves this delicate combination and more.
Freak (Dec, 1998)
משחק נפלא. פשוט אנבתי אותו מהרגע הראשון. יש לו כמה באגים, הוא לא מושלם, אבל הוא מצויין. לא לפספס.
Adventure-Treff (May 12, 2000)
Ohne zu übertreiben kann ich behaupten, dass Grim Fandango das wohl beste Adventure seit langem ist. Seit Vollgas hat mich keine Geschichte mehr so gefesselt wie die von Grim Fandango, und der Soundtrack allein ist eine Auszeichnung wert!
Gameplay (Benelux) (Nov 30, 1998)
Grim Fandango blaast nieuw leven in het praktisch uitgestorven adventure genre door de originele benadering en het gebruik van een 3D engine. Hopelijk nemen andere fabrikanten een voorbeeld hieraan. Er is dus wel degelijk leven na de dood!
Adventurearchiv (Jan 17, 2004)
Denn bis auf die Steuerung war ich rundum begeistert von Manny und Co. Ausgeprägte, teilweise schräge Charaktere, die man in sein Herz schließt, Konversationen, die über die Notwendigkeit, ein Rätsel zu lösen, hinausgehen, eine spannende Handlung, einfallsreiche, knackige, aber motivierende und logische Rätsel, tolle, detaillierte Grafik im Film Noir-Stil, brillante Musik und Synchronstimmen sowie schräger Humor. Hier stimmt einfach alles Und daher freue ich mich, diesem Klassiker wohlverdiente 92% zu vergeben.
PC Gamer (Jan, 1999)
My biggest complaint is aimed directly at a few of the puzzles. Even when I knew exactly what to do, it sometimes took a ridiculous number of attempts to get in just the right position to pull off the solution. Without the firm knowledge that you are on the right track (I will admit to using a walkthrough at times, but only very sparingly), you can easily assume that there is another course of action and go off in search of a solution that doesn’t exist. However, with a little trial and error (and determination), these tricky puzzles can be overcome, and on the whole, Grim Fandango is one of the most entertaining adventure games I’ve seen in a long time. Although the puzzles can sometimes get in the way of the story, the payoff is well worth it when you’re treated to yet another brilliant cinematic and new locations to explore. It’s not a short game by any means, but so enthralling and addictive, you’ll find it ends all too soon. Viva la revolucion!
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Da hat Tim Schafer mit seinem Team ja ein ganz dickes Ding ausgebrütet. Seit Sam'n' Max hat mich kein Adventure mehr so begeistern können. Selbst Monkey Island 3 wirkt rückblickend betrachtet doch eher wie eine Aktualisierung von Guybrushs früheren Abenteuern, während Grim Fandango wirklich Neues zu bieten hat. Zum einen ist die Grafik phänomenal und bietet prächtige Szenen, in die sich die 3D-animierten Figuren perfekt einfügen. Weiterhin erlaubt die Steuerung ein Höchstmaß an Flexibilität. Schließlich wurden sowohl bei der deutschen Sprachausgabe als auch beim Soundtrack Spitzenleistungen erbracht. Natürlich gibt es den gewohnten schrägen LucasArts-Humor – und zwar in einer besonders prallen Dosis. Wer jetzt noch glaubt, das Adventure-Genre sei tot, dem sei nur gesagt: Im Totenreich feiert man die coolsten Partys, es spielt die geilste Musik – und die lustigsten Witze werden gerissen.
Power Unlimited (Jan, 1999)
Adventure-fans mogen dit spel niet in de winkel laten liggen. Daarvoor ziet het er te mooi uit, is de verhaallijn te sterk en zijn de beelden en dialogen te grappig. Grim Fandango vraagt wel de nodige 'adventure-ervaring' want makkelijk is anders.
Game Revolution (Dec 01, 1998)
I just have to thank everyone for making me such a great death. If it were not for the happy ending I'd want to go back and relive the whole thing just for the thrill and restaurant management of it all. Even when I was alive I can't remember too many other adventures that were any better, and quite a few that were worse. Rest in peace, LucasArts made all the better bone bags, and this one is only down by about a vertebrae.
(...) Bei Grim Fandango stimmt fast alles: die künstlerisch wertvollen Art-Deco-Grafiken, die makabren Spielfiguren, deren ausdrucksstarke Mimik mit wenigen Pinselstrichen auf die fahlen Schädel gezaubert wird, die abgefahrenen, aber stets logischen Puzzles und nicht zuletzt der absolut geniale Soundtrack. Ein ganz besonderes Lob hat wieder einmal das Softgold-Lokalisierungs-Team verdient, das sowohl bei den Ingame-Texten als auch bei der Sprachausgabe ein echtes Meisterstück abgeliefert hat - ich bin überzeugt, daß von nun an viele Menschen nicht mehr zuerst an Alf, sondern an Manny denken, wenn sie Tommy Pipers Stimme hören. Über die kleinen Macken der ungewöhnlichen Steuerung kann man angesichts des genialen Gesamtkonzepts getrost hinwegsehen.
Oldies Rising (Aug 06, 2008)
Le petit point faible de la maniabilité ne pèsera guère sur la qualité générale du titre, tant ses autres composantes frisent la perfection. L’ambiance génialissime de ce jeu, servie par une bande son et une réalisation splendide, fera jaillir en vous des trésors de persévérance pour venir à bout de l’aventure principale offrant un challenge digne de ses ancêtres. Plus qu’un jeu, ce pur produit Lucas Arts est une œuvre d’art. Si vous êtes nostalgique de la grande période des Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion et autres Full Throotle, ne commettez pas l’erreur de passer à côté de ce petit chef d’œuvre vidéo-ludique !
CD-Action (Jan, 1999)
W sumie Grim Fandango jest kawałkiem bardzo dobrze wykonanej roboty, jak to zwykle zresztą bywa w przypadku produktów Lucasarts. Natomiast, szczerze mówiac, nie jestem do końca przekonany co do słuszności wprowadzonych zmian w systemie sterowania. Szczerze mówiąc, bardziej wolałem też stara, dobrą grafike dwuwymiarową z Islanda niż to nowoczesne 3D, ale to kwestia gustu. Ostatecznie powiedziałbym tak - gra jest świetna... pod warunkiem że odpowiada Ci jej ogólna atmosfera.
If the interface were more traditional and the technical requirements kinder, this would easily be a five-star game. Even with a somewhat aggravating interface and high system requirements, the game still has good LucasArts-type puzzles and a great sense of style and presentation. Schafer has done a great job of creating a moody, noir mystery with a fantastic script, and the artists at LucasArts deserve much praise for their brilliant art direction throughout the game. If you care at all about story and character, you need to get this game—even though it’s a bear to control at times,
Edge (Oct 28, 1998)
Ultimately, Grim Fandango’s largest contribution to this increasingly ‘unfashionable’ genre is the story it relates and the imagination with which it does so. As such, it rates as one of the most complete, expertly produced and engrossing graphic adventures ever conceived.
Apart from these few trifles, Grim Fandango is an extraordinary adventure game. With its great story, beautiful artwork and fabulous voice acting, you'll be missing out by not giving this game a whirl.
Pro: Sehr ausgewogenes Verhältnis von Zwischensequenzen und Rätseln, perfekt dem Geschehen angepaßte Jazz- und Bebop-Musik, zahlreiche Stereo-Geräuscheffekte (Musik aus dem Radio wechselt den Lautsprecher bei Perspektivenwechsel; Knochenschleuder rast durch die Wüste), Story und Charaktere herzhaft anders, einwandfreie deutsche Synchronisation, u.a. mit Tommy Piper (Alf)
Contra: Tastatursteuerung umständlich, seltene Grafikfehler (Objekte nicht mehr sichtbar, fehlende Gliedmaßen), kleines Inventar häßlich
Fazit: Jaa! Jaa! Man kommt nicht umhin, Grim Fandango zu bejahen - in nahezu allen Belangen. Ein Adventure, wie man es sich wünscht.
90 (Sep 17, 2004)
It stands as a development lesson stating that, with enough talent and creativity, an incredible game can be made without wasting too much time and money focusing on ‘just' graphics and sound. It is the perfect marriage between movies and videogames; Grim Fandango is a prime example of the power of a good story over mere aesthetics.
PC Accelerator (Jan, 1999)
Seldom do style and substance come together at all in this industry, much less with so much success, Grim Fandango is a milestone for the graphic adventure, pushing the genre as far as possible without reinventing it. The game never parodies its subject matter, but instead pays intelligent and humorous homage to both South American imagery and film noir. It's one of the coolest experiences to cross the PC in a long time.
Quandary (Nov, 1998)
So, I've sampled four days in the death of Manny Calavera and found it mostly very palatable. Whilst I have complained about the interface others have aimed their darts at the loading times between screen changes. I had no problems in this respect and, although I did experience a few lock-ups, I'll surely be back if Manny continues his journey in the next world. Amidst all this death defying adventure, however, all I can say is 'long live the mouse'.
Adventure Gamers (May 20, 2002)
I had some reservations about reviewing this game. It is one of those games that people love in an almost religious way. What if I hated it? I would need a police escort to go out at night. However, at the same time I wanted to play the game if only to find out if it was as good as everyone says. Lately, I have been so busy that the only games I get to play are ones that I review for, which can be very confining. I have been eyeing Grim Fandango for some time, but just couldn’t seem to find the time. So when the opportunity arose to review it I jumped at the chance. A leap of faith it wasn’t, as almost every good thing I have heard about it proved to be true. With so many good points where does one start?
Power Play (Dec, 1998)
Einmal mehr zeigen uns die Luc-Asse, wer der Adventure-König ist. Mit viel Witz, Ironie und Hüftschwung erzählen sie eine Geschichte, die dennoch (wie schon der Titel sagt) ziemlich „grim“ daherkommt – was sich mit dem naheliegenden „grimmig“ passend verdeutschen läßt. So setzt sich eine Entwicklung fort, die schon mit „Sam & Max“, „The Dig“ und „Vollgas“ begann: Die „Maniac Mansion“-Kids sind inzwischen erwachsen geworden, folglich zollt auch Lucas Arts dem Ernst des Lebens Tribut. Nicht ohne jenes charmante und manchmal naive Easy Living, versteht sich, wie es wohl nur die Amis draufhaben. Das Ergebnis ist eine umwerfende Tragikomödie, in der es um die grundlegenden Dinge des Lebens geht, also Verbrechen, Liebe und Tod. Lob muß auch den Rätseln gespendet werden, die bis auf ganz wenige Ausnahmen zwar nicht gerade einfach, aber doch logisch und nachvollziehbar sind.
Wo soll ich anfangen, Grim Fandango zu loben? Die Rätsel sind herrlich logisch und ineinander verzahnt, die Dialoge wunderbar schräg und die Handlungsorte einfach eine Schau. Der gleichnamige Besitzer von Rick's Café würde angesichts des Café Calavera vor Neid erblassen. Und: Die doch eigentlich recht ernste Thematik um Tod und Erlösung präsentiert sich so flockig, daß man es kaum merkt, daß die Darsteller allesamt Knochengerippe sind.
PC Joker (Dec, 1998)
Im Duden steht zu „Fandango“: spanischer Volkstanz im 3/4- oder 6/8- Takt. Während „Grim“ zu deutsch soviel wie „entsetzlich“ bedeutet. Mir bot der abgedrehte Plot um den liebenswerten Loser Manny jede Menge Kurzweil, Spaß und Spannung. Entsetzlich war eigentlich nur das Gefühl beim Abspann, denn ich kann kaum glauben, daß sich so viel Liebe zum Detail, so ausgeklügeltes Gameplay und so skurriler Humor im nächsten Tanz von Lucas Arts so schnell wiederholen läßt...
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1998)
Nach einiger Flucherei hatte ich mich mit der Steuerung arrangiert. Fast alle Rätsel sind logisch und mit Überlegung gut zu lösen. Die Zahl der Räume ist stets übersichtlich, zu viele Gegenstände gibt es auch nicht. Außerdem sind rettende Hinweise oft in den Gesprächen versteckt. Grim Fandango ist ein Adventure in bester LucasArts-Tradition, dem eine Maussteuerung gut getan hätte. Trotz dieser Schwäche gehört dieses Spiel in jede Adventure-Sammlung.
85 (Dec 03, 1998)
Malgré ces petits défauts, Lucasarts confirme tout de même sa maîtrise des jeux d'aventure, et Grim Fandango reste un très bon jeu. L'ambiance est comme toujours superbe, et le scénario très original... Bref un jeu qui aurait pu être un chef-d'oeuvre s'il avait été un peu mieux réalisé!
85 (Jan 26, 2005)
Manuel « Manny » Calavera est agent de voyages au pays des Morts et il aide les personnes récemment décédées à partir pour le Neuvième Monde, en leur choisissant le moyen de transport le plus adapté par rapport aux bonnes actions (s’il y en a) que ceux-ci ont effectué de leur vivant. Lui ne peut pas les rejoindre pour l’instant, il doit régler sa dette à la société auparavant, et il s’attache en bon commercial à attirer les meilleurs clients qui lui permettront de partir plus rapidement.
85 (Jul 30, 1999)
For those of you who have not read my reviews before, I am a depressed Adventure game fanatic. Depressed because it has been a *long while* since anyone has come out with a classic Adventure game with breathtaking visuals and a "suck-me-in" storyline. I am of the old school- a lover of the old infocom text-based adventure games (original Zork, etc). So when my sister came and told me that she knew of a new game that I would *LOVE* with just my style storyline and made by LucasArts to boot, I raced to my nearest CompUSA that very day and bought it.
Above all I liked the game's very individual feeling: The unusual scenes mentioned above, the unique blend of American cults of the dead with film noir and many original ideas, the plot's episode structure (as imperfect as it is)… all of this has a very particular charm.
Vgames (Jul 22, 1999)

לסיכום: אמנם לא מושלם, אך גרים פנדנגו הוא משחק ההרפתקה הטוב ששיחקתי בחודשים האחרונים. לוקאס ארטס ממשיכה להוכיח שאין כמוה ביצירת סיפור קולנועי, משעשע, כובש, וחכם. אני ממליץ בחום לכל חובבי המשחקים הקודמים של החברה לקנות אותו. לא תתאכזבו.

Score (Nov, 1998)
Obrovská, perfektně zpracovaná, cynická, temná a humorná adventure ze země nemrtvých. A tak trochu mexická.
80 (Oct, 2007)
Tim Burton, my good man. If you’re reading, and I know you are (he can’t get enough), get your ass onto this game rápidamente, and make this your new magnum opus. Seriously—it cries out to be a film, like its very existence is threatened if it isn’t given your loving attention. The last denizen of the adventure game needs you.
Grim Fandango represents exactly the sort of off-the-wall adventure game I don’t think I can handle anymore. I simply don’t have the time or the patience to be second guessing a developer’s crazy-ass abstract solutions — and that’s before factoring in the controls and interface. It was only several years ago that I played Broken Sword and Beneath a Steel Sky (again, a game that I started back in the day but never got round to finishing) and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them, presumably because the puzzle solutions were altogether more determinable and straight forward, not to mention the interface and controls were simple and unobtrusive. The troubling thing is, Day of the Tentacle was one of my favourite adventure games when I played it many moons ago and if I remember rightly it was stark raving mad. Could this Gregg stomach that now? And could that Gregg have enjoyed Grim Fandango? I don’t know, but I’m reluctant to revisit Day of the Tentacle if it makes me react like this again.

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