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An almost unheard of gem. kbmb (435) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (36 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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After playing this game for quite some time and being completely astounded by it in all the fields, graphics, sound, gameplay, and lasting appeal, I decided Ground Control deserves a perfect five GiN Gems. I looked and looked, but I could not find a single aspect of this game that did not wow me beyond belief. The graphics are incredible and the detail is astounding. The sound lives up to the graphics and will blow you away from the moment you fire your first shot. The gameplay is fast and fun and allows you to easily navigate furious battle zones. And there is a nice tutorial to get you into the action without risking your neck right away. The game will keep you coming back in order to quench your thirst for either intense battle, or conclusion to the storyline. Overall Sierra and Massive have done an incredible job and they deserve to be commended for their work on Ground Control.
PC Gamer Brasil (Nov, 2000)
O mais surpreendente do jogo, porém, está num detalhe fabuloso, e que deixamos propositadamente para o fim. A visão de cãmera é fantástica. Antes de tirar suas conclusões, ou achar que estamos exagerando, vamos dar um exemplo. Imagine poder olhar as operações militares do alto, de modo tradicional. De repente, você ficará curioso em querer ver o que está acontecendo no meio da guerra. Neste instante, com uma simples tecla, você se aproxima e, como num passe de mágica, está no meio do tiroteio, olhando as expressões de seus soldados, delirando com os detalhes das unidades pesadas, espremendo os olhos por causa dos raios solares... Sua mente fica confusa: "será que estou jogando um shooter 3D?". Aí, alguém lhe dá um beliscão e você vê que está jogando Ground Control. Agora sim, responda à pergunta: "Será que estamos exagerando quando achamos que Ground Control é espetacular?"
The best thing to come out of Sweden since meatballs and tall, big busted, long legged blondes wearing high heels.
games xtreme (Jun 30, 2000)
When this little beauty fell onto my doorstep I had no idea that this game was even in development. How I missed this is beyond me so I decided that having not played a good strategy game in ages and that the Metal Fatigue review was safe in the hands of someone else, I took it upon myself to have a go at this.
92 (Aug 18, 2000)
Tuloksena on siis viihdyttävä ja äärimmäisen näyttävä sotapeli, joka kannattaa tsekata, vaikkei C&C-tyylisistä rakentelupeleistä niin paljon pitäisikään. Pelattavuus on kohdallaan, eli helppoa kuin mikä, grafiikka hienoa ja äänet tukevat kokonaisuutta. Jotain pieniä kauneusvirheitä löytyy, kuten tekoäly ja välillä ehkä hieman itseään toistava tehtäväsuunnittelu, mutta ei mitään sen ihmeempää. Kiitosta myös siitä, että peli tuntuisi lähes bugittomalta.
Power Unlimited (Aug, 2000)
Ground Control is grensverleggend en alleen daarom is het een spel dat elke RTS fanaat in zijn bezit moet hebben. Perfektie uit Zweden.
Ground Control is a worthy title of the genre, even though there may be a few points RTS fans will not agree with. One which I find difficult to swallow is the lack of a 'save' option mid game. Sure, it stops gamers from finishing a game quickly, but really, who wants to spend three or four turns trying to pass a single level. The ordeal can get very tiring indeed. That said, Ground Control has the makings of a brilliant game. Visuals, sound and gameplay are all of high standard. This forged with a rock solid multiplayer mode, makes Ground Control a title that should be dumped on every gamer's hard drive.
It’s with absolutely no reservation that I award Ground Control an Avault Reviewer’s Choice Award and follow that up by saying this is the best RTS game I’ve played since Myth 2: Soulblighter. While it’s true I gave Homeworld a five star rating last year, much of that was based upon Homeworld’s innovation. Granted, Ground Control isn’t nearly as innovative, but it’s got a lot more depth and is overall a better offering because of it. Its strengths lie within its ability to force players to strategize in ways they’ve not had to before, pushing the envelope of the genre like no title that’s come before it. Ground Control possesses an extremely well-designed engine and couples that with the best camera system ever offered in 3D strategy. Beautiful graphics, a unique storytelling methodology and some very well-designed missions make Ground Control a winner in almost every category.
GameSpy (Jun 14, 2000)
This game has everything for the gamer in all of us. It's got action, strategy, configurability, blistering graphics, killer sound effects, and the fast and furious multiplayer that's sure to keep the game going long after you finish the included campaigns. Ground Control redefines the RTS genre, showing that building bases and churning out scores of units isn't always a necessary coponent for all "real-time strategy" games.
90 (UK) (Jun 20, 2000)
If there are any criticisms, they might be levelled at the enemy AI, which tends to always behave in the same way when faced with a similar situation. The game can also run a little slowly if you turn everything up, but then at least it takes advantage of high-end systems given the chance. The music is a bit pants too, but the sound effects are heavy duty battle sounds overlaying ambient effects to good immersive effect. Roll in the wonderful attention to multiplayer and it can be no exaggeration to say that Ground Control is a ground breaking new game. Expect fast loading times, spunky believable graphics, awesome weaponry, gorgeous looking firefights and challenging missions exercising the grey matter. This is a wonderful game that just begs to be played in both single and multi-player. Buy it now!
Gamer's Pulse (Jun 27, 2000)
Ground Control is a shining example of the new breed of RTS. If it’s anything to go by, the upcoming 3D RTS games such as Dark Reign 2 and Warcraft 3 will have nothing to fear about acceptance from the market - they will only have to fear the process of taking away the fans of Ground Control.
90 (Jun 14, 2000)
Les deux campagnes du jeu sont complètes, bien étudiées au point de vue difficulté et l'avantage de Ground Control sera de proposer des scénarios assez complexes tout en évitant l'aspect collecte/construction/destruction. Certains n'aimeront peut-être pas mais ils manqueront tout ce qui fait de Ground Control un très bon jeu. Pareil pour le mode multijoueur particulièrement soigné avec une myriade de modes et de possibilités différentes. Jouable jusqu'à 8 et les unités n'étant pas remplaçables, la stratégie et la tactique deviennent bien plus primordiales que la rapidité technique dans le maniement de la souris.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 29, 2000)
Ground Control koppelt een nooit eerder gezien detail aan snelle RTS actie. Het knapste debuut sinds Homeworld.
ActionTrip (Jun 16, 2000)
The sound is normal, nothing too special. The only nice thing about it is that it is connected to the camera system: The units closer to you will be louder. If you are sadistic enough you can zoom in the camera near your soldiers to hear their screams when being shot better. That makes Ground Control different from the similar games. The same goes for the background music: it's ever-present, unobtrusive and it pumps adrenalin. All in all Ground Control is a very good 3D real-time strategy, one of the best in the genre, and it deserves a good ride....
89 (Aug 02, 2000)
Ground Control bietet durch sein durchdachtes Gameplay und der intuitiven Steuerung einen Riesenspaß. Es ist sowohl für Einsteiger und Profis geeignet. Die kurzen Missionen fesseln einen an den Bildschirm und sorgen für Spannung pur. Dadurch das keine Basen gebaut werden können, achtet man nur auf seine Einheiten und fiebert mit ihnen. Für mich ist Ground Control eine herrliche Erfrischung im Strategie-Genre.
PC Joker (Jul, 2000)
Kein Basenbau? Vorgefertigtes Einheitenkontingent? Das wird doch nicht wieder so ein Actiongame im Tarnanzug der Echtzeitstrategie sein?! Ist es nicht, eher schon Starcraft in 3D: Dank der taktischen Optionen im Gelände ist keine Schlacht wie die andere - aber alle sehen verdammt gut aus und machen wegen der einfachen Steuerung tierisch Laune!
IGN (Jun 12, 2000)
All in all, this game is definitely worth checking out, even with that darn no save feature. Yes, I know I keep talking about it. If you are a fan of RTS games, then you will definitely enjoy getting your claws into this one. Great gameplay, great graphics, and great sound make a great game. So get your butt up and go control yourself some ground.
Ground Control ist ein sehr gutes, innovatives Spiel. Es beschränkt sich auf das Wesentliche. Schön und gut, doch dadurch geht ein wenig die Atmosphäre flöten: Die Geschichte passt auf einen Bierdeckel. Dank der tollen Missionen und des einfachen, aber doch anspruchsvollen Spieldesign macht es jedoch einen Heidenspaß. Wer auf Basenbau verzichten kann, der greife sofort zu.
Absolute Games ( (Jun 11, 2000)
Вещь исключительно на любителя. С этой позиции с легкостью можно сказать, что игра несет в себе лучшие традиции своих предков по линии RTS и игр вроде Myth и Dark Omen. Хорошая реализация старой идеи.
GameSpot (Jun 15, 2000)
Ground Control is an outstanding game with occasional problems that affect its longevity and its tactical depth. The game's long single-player campaign is enjoyable and interesting enough to offset any frustration you'll inevitably experience as you're forced to replay its scenarios. And while the game's multiplayer mode lacks the breadth of features you'd wish for in a game of such high quality as Ground Control, you'll still find it highly enjoyable thanks to the team tactics that are introduced when the game's two factions join forces. Ultimately, Ground Control is a fast-paced game of skill that's highly accessible and often very impressive.
85 (Aug 03, 2000)
Ground Control changed the entire concept of Real Time Strategy by eliminating the unit/base building and resource-gathering element. At the beginning of each campaign, player is assigned with a few inexperienced squads that can rise in rank and increase their combat efficiency by actively participating during the missions. The higher rank they become, the more deadly and efficient they are. Also gone are the old flat terrains. Different units can take advantage of terrain features such as ground depression, tall trees, swamp bushes or high hills (and the shadows they cast). Infantries can climb places no vehicles can go. On high ground, units become more perceptive (more on that later) and shoot with more accuracy. Units firing from below suffer accuracy penalty on attacking the ones with elevated position.
Al met al is Groud Control een schitterende game die een hoop nieuws in het RTS genre brengt. De C&C klonen vlogen de laatste jaren om onze oren, maar Ground Control heeft hier echt verandering ingebracht. De resourcemanagement is weg, de speelwereld is volledig 3D, het kan dus wel, en het oogt allemaal schitterend. Ook de kleinere dingetjes, zoals friendly fire en dergelijke werken erg realistisch, misschien dat dit dan ook de nieuwe trend gaat worden in Real Time Strategy games. Laten we het hopen, want het brengt een hoop plezier met zich mee. Ook het geluid is dik in orde evenals de multiplayer opties. Die op zich niet heel erg veel nieuws met zich mee brengen. Maar er is niets mis mee. Een aanradertje!
Als ich das erste Mal etwas über das Konzept von Ground Zero hörte, dachte ich nur: Die sind wahnsinnig, diese Schweden. Bislang ist fast jedes dreidimensionale Echtzeit-Strategiespiel gestrandet - egal wie viel Mühe in die Grafik investiert wurde, egal wie innovativ das Spiel gestaltet war. Und hier bestanden die Entwickler auch noch darauf, alle Aufbauelemente zu streichen, stattdessen versprach man monumentale Explosionen. Nun - es funktioniert. Es macht Spaß sofort loszulegen und in den Kampf zu ziehen - und der besitzt eine größere taktische Tiefe als Sie angesichts der zahlreichen Spezialeffekte zunächst vermuten. Zwar gibt es keine aufwändigen Zwischensequenzen, doch speziell die Story der ersten Kampagne lockt zum Weiterspielen. Wermutstropfen sind nur die beschränkte Speichermöglichkeit und die manchmal zu kargen Landschaften.
GameStar (Germany) (Jul, 2000)
Der nahezu perfekte technische Rahmen und die problemlose Steuerung machen es mir leicht, mich voll auf die actionreiche Schlacht zu konzentrieren. Zum absoluten Top-Titel fehlen allerdings echte Innovationen. Unbegreiflich ist mir, warum während einer Mission in der Spielstand nicht gespeichert werden kann. Wer auf den Basisbau nicht verzichten will, der sollte momentan zu Dark Reign 2 greifen.
Ground Control révolutionne (enfin !) le genre du jeu de stratégie. En effet, il est le premier du genre à réussir aussi bien le passage à la 3D et il innove en offrant un mode multijoueur rapide d'accès. Mais les possesseurs de configurations puissantes seront, comme toujours, privilégiés.
Ultimately, GROUND CONTROL is a good game that could have been much better. First-time developers Massive Entertainment made some rookie mistakes, but they also created a killer engine and an interface that’s simple and fluid. They should be commended for that. And despite the flaws of the single-player experience, the multiplayer mode and custom game mode will allow the online community to breathe life into the lifeless areas of the game.
Abandonia Reloaded (Oct 16, 2005)
Overall this is a good game and I'll give it a 4. *returns to the game and tries for the third time to finish a mission without cheating :D *
Gamekult (Sep 18, 2000)
Avec Ground Control, Sierra Studios réussit parfaitement le doublé dans les superproductions militaires à grand renfort d'effets spéciaux. Stratégie 3D temps réel à l'esthétique superbement réalisée ? Si l'aspect visuel apporte un plus non négligeable, l'innovation se situe pourtant au niveau stratégique avec la disparition des bases de construction. L'aspect tactique est excellemment exploité pour peu que les fans du genre veuillent bien changer leurs habitudes ! Pour le reste, une jouabilité efficace servie par une ergonomie honnête pourront largement contribuer à la création d'une nouvelle génération de jeux de tactique militaire en 3D.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul, 2000)
Ground Control zu mögen, ist leicht: Hübsch gestaltete Missionen, eine zeitgemäße Grafik und viele verschiedene Kampfeinheiten geben mir das, was ich von einem Echtzeitstrategiespiel erwarte. Verliebt hab ich mich allerdings nicht in die unglücklich betitelte Bodenkontrolle, denn dazu bedarf es doch mehr als ein oder zwei kohlensäurearmer Ideen. Zudem gibt es einfach zu viele Einschränkungen, die ich hier hinnehmen muss: Neben der unbedarften Steuerung und dem Fehlen eines vernünftigen Speichersystems stört mich, dass ich weder Gebäude noch Einheiten bauen kann und immer auf Truppenlieferungen von außen angewiesen bin. Andererseits ist es eine - viel zu seltene - Freude, dass die Fahrzeuge und Soldaten clever agieren und damit für spannende Schlachten ohne allzu große Hektik sorgen. Wer den ewigen C&C-Einheitsbrei leid ist, darf hier eine kommerzielle Offensive im PC-Spiele-Laden riskieren.
Ondanks enkele kleine tekortkomingen en twijfelachtige designkeuzes is Ground Control een aanrader voor de RTS-fanaat die een voorkeur heeft voor het actiegedeelte.
75 (Jun 11, 2006)
Ground Control vous plonge dans un affrontement sans merci dans un univers futuriste. La majeure partie de l’humanité a été détruite lors d’un conflit nucléaire à grande échelle, mais les survivants ont reconstruit et se sont multipliés. Les différents acteurs de cette reconstruction, l’Ordre de la Nouvelle Aube et les grandes corporations commerciales, se livrent une compétition féroce non dénuée d’agressions militaires, puisque chacun d’entre eux possède sa propre force armée. Tout conflit ayant été interdit sur Terre par traité, c’est dans la conquête spatiale que s’exprime la compétition, et de sévères guerres ont lieu dans l’espace pour la possession des planètes colonisées.
Strategy Gaming Online (Jul 19, 2000)
In conclusion, Ground Control offers any number of innovations and direct hits when it comes to the RTS genre. The problem, and the reason I had to labor to finish the game, is that they combine into a rather bland final experience. It's like a mediocre chef with the world's finest ingredients. Massive Entertainment followed the recipe for a 3D RTS, included some fresh elements in calculated portions, and even broke some genre rules with finesse. Regrettably, the final product just fails to live up to 'picture in the cookbook'. Ground Control undeniably demonstrates a certain flare, especially in the graphics department, but ultimately draws comparisons to better, and often many years older, products.
The Retro Spirit (Apr 13, 2008)
Tross spillet små skrammer i lakken, er det mange lovord å finne i oppsummeringen av Ground Control. Alt i alt et spill som vil gi deg en tilfredsstillende strategisk opplevelse. Hvis du ønsker en skikkelig opplevelse innen strategi og bryr deg mindre om historie og slikt, anbefaler jeg heller 2-eren i serien som er virkelig en perle av et spill.
Fans of Starcraft and C&C will be furious that half of their game has been taken away to focus on 'action', while Quake players will feel too detached from the war. The controls are easy and the missions are nicely balanced, though. Having proper 3D terrain makes you think more about line-of-sight and using higher elevations wisely. But we reckon it falls uncomfortably between true RTS and action and just couldn't get too excited about it.