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Gun Metal Credits

43 people (38 developers, 5 thanks)


Managing DirectorDavid Nicholson
Development DirectorPhil Wilson
Programming GurusGraham Stone, Chris Bayliss
Programming SupportJames Graves
Art SupportAndrew Wilson, Carl Bilby, Ian Sanderson


Managing DirectorIan Richardson
Content DirectorDavid Noble
Business Development ManagerAndy Hall
OEM Sales ManagerLorraine Davis
Sales ExecutivesMichael Lee, David Horth
Finance ManagerMark Patrick
Sales SupportSarah Neill

NVIDIA: Special thanks to

European Developer Relations 'Oracle'Philip Scott
European Developer Realtions ManagerDarryl Still
Director of Development RelationsBill Rehbock
Senior Developer Account ManagerAndy Hess
Director of Developer TechnologyJohn Spitzer


Studio ManagerDavid Nicholson
DesignerPhil Wilson
ProducerPhil Wilson
Lead ProgrammerMark Featherstone
ProgrammersChris Bayliss, James Graves, Darren Griffiths, Graham Stone
Lead ArtistNick Tipping
ArtistsCarl Bilby, Jamie Gibson, Martyn Rotherham, Andrew Wilson
Mission Design & EditingMark Featherstone, Phil Wilson, Chris Bayliss
Additional ProgrammingNick Tipping, Mark Pope, James Sutherland, Mark McCormack
Audio ManagerStephen Lord
Sound EngineerAndrew Diey
MusicianDarren Lambourne
QA ManagerDean Bent
Lead TesterJames Brodie
TestersPaul Coles, Ian Bentley, David Dixon, Stuart Clenton, Gavin Clark
Localisation ManagerAlly Noble
Voice Casting & LocalisationTT Europa
Manual ArtworkBill Bird


Product ManagementMarkus Stark

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66578)