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Gun Metal Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro shot
Another intro shot
Main title
Main menu
Gunships lifting off from a weapons factory. You can almost hear Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" starting in the background.
Our gunships making short work of an enemy formation.
Some of the local fauna in the icy wastes. For some reason they've got green blood in their veins.
Bombing run on the enemy base in this area.
Going toe to toe with an enemy battlecruiser. Gets real nasty real fast!
You can touch down on top of them and shoot their subsystems. Panoramic view included.
Low and fast flying is needed to dodge amassed enemy firepower in this mission.
Our support crew and re-energizer posing for the picture in the desert.
The enemy plans to bring reinforcements through this gateway. We'll just have to destroy it then, won't we.
Mission briefing: defend yourself against an enemy attack.
First try, using the mech form and its pistols to destroy the enemy tanks.
The pistols are not strong enough, so switch to the gauss gun.
The next target is far away, so transform the mech into the fast fighter.
Enemy air raid - the flak gun is useful, but the mission was lost...
Second try, now fighting the tanks with the fighter form.
The vulcan cannon is too weak, air-to-ground-missiles are much better.
Or the so called photon storm, which damages several targets.
Air raid again, but now I'm launching a bundle of heatseeking missiles.
And finish the rest of them with the vulcan cannon. Mission complete!