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Gun Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main title screen
Our hero.
Drink from a bottle to restore your health.
The shopkeepers will sell you useful items and weapon upgrades.
Aim carefully. You don't want to kill a woman, do you?
Improve your skills by completing side missions.
The Miller gang will arrive shortly. Prepare the ambush!
In this side mission, I must herd the calves into their pen.
The badlands.
The Texas Hold 'em Poker mini-game.
The abandoned mine.
The gatling gun is a very useful weapon against a group of enemies attacking you at once.
Stop the train at all costs.
A map.
Quickdraw mode. It works like the bullet-time in other action games.
Magruder's hideout. Wipe out machine gun nests.
Colton White on his horse.
There is a small ferry here which you must use if you want to cross the Missouri River.
The game is very brutal.
Ruins of the Hollister's fort.
Preparing to battle at the steamboat.
Zoom in for better aiming.
The Piper Lake.
The Indian trader. He can upgrade your bow for better distance and damage.
You can even mine gold...
Hunting for the Great White Buffalo.
After finishing the story mission, you'll get a new weapon.
Preparing to leave the Dodge City.
Welcome to Empire city.