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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.2
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.0

Critic Reviews

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100 (Jan 04, 2004)
Grafika jest ręcznie rysowana w pastelowych kolorach i stoi na wysokim poziomie, tła są animowane, podobnie jak wszycy zawodnicy. Efekty dźwiękowe są bardzo dobre, a w tle leci wpadająca w ucho muzyka. Gra jest bardzo miodna i na pewno szybko sie nie znudzi - POLECAM !!!
Atomic Gamer (Jul 20, 2006)
Overall, Gunbound Revolution is a nice game. It is simple to learn, can provide hours of addicting fun as you build up your avatar and is just plain fun to play. While it isn’t too deep in the way of gameplay, it can take awhile to completely master. I’d definitely recommend checking it out. One of the best parts of the game, though is that it is completely free to play. Won’t cost you a cent (unless you decide to pay cash for avatar items which isn’t really necessary). So, there’s really nothing to lose – give it a try today.
Games32 (Aug 20, 2008)
There would be much more to say about Gunbound, but you`ll have to discover most of them by playing and seeing on your own. This is an excellent game and an excellent companion for when you`re sick of Wow or Age of Conan. Finding some friendly people to play with will be a little difficult, as most of them are pros a little bit arrogant, but when you do, you`ll really have a lot of fun with it. Warning, don`t try it at work, since it can be a serious distraction.
Netjak (Feb 18, 2004)
I'd like to give Gunbound an incomplete, because the fun level of this game is going to be ultimately decided by the hacking problem. This is only going to get worse as time goes on (Going through the keyphrase logs for the month...a disturbing number of people get to this review by looking for "Gunbound Aimbot Hack", "Gunbound avatar hack", "Gunbound hax", "Aimbot" and "Gunbound cheats".) As it is, without hacking, the game allows for enough loopholing to rig games in your favor from the get-go. Too much of this game depends on the players, and unfortunately, a lot of lamers are playing this game. Racists, cheats, hackers, and idiots...they're all there in force, sometimes with their own full clans.
MMOhut (2008)
Gunbound is one of the most unique MMOs available on the market, and is quite simply a lot of fun. Thanks to the large amount of variety it rarely gets stale, and as the game also has a solid publisher players can expect updates with new items and periodic events. The only real drawback to Gunbound is that it simply doesn’t appeal to everyone due to its slow turn based gameplay, but for those that enjoy the style, Gunbound is refreshing addition to an otherwise stale genre.
Bright Hub (Mar 24, 2010)
And maybe with a few more updates, more weapon upgrades and some improved map designs the game could garner a perfect five out of five. But for the time being, GunBound will only find its crowd among gamers who don’t mind turn-based, easy-going action.