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Gunlok Credits

65 people (49 developers, 16 thanks)


C.E.O. and Creative DirectorJason Kingsley
C.T.O. Chris Kingsley
Gunlok ProducerEmerson Best
Lead ProgrammerAlex Thomson
Programming TeamBen Woodhall, Martin Harris, Morgan Parry, Michael Coulthurst, Chris Kingsley, Matthew Newport
Tools ProgrammingRichard Rice
Programming AssistanceTom Bible, Andrew Weinkove, Jonathan Hutchings, Neil Mendoza, Mike Healey
Lead Artist - Design & VisualisationMatthew Riordan
Lead Artist - GameplayBen Jones
3D & 2D Main ArtDaniel Meeuws, Karim Biri
3D & 2D Additional ArtJulian Breddy, Aeron Guy, Rob Stevens, David Kidd, Nick Sweetman, Andrew Wildman
Lead AnimatorsMatthew Riordan, Ben Jones
AnimationDaniel Meeuws, Karim Biri
MusicEd Cookson, Karim Biri, Mathieu Constant, Tom Bible
Sound EffectsEd Cookson, Tom Bible, Audiomotion
Cut - Scene AnimationMatthew Riordan
Cut - Scene CompositionDaniel Meeuws
Cut - ScenesAeron Guy, David Kidd, Mark Eyles, Andrew Prendergast
FMVAndrew Wildman, Karim Biri, Julian Breddy, Ken Turner, Adam Jennings, Aeron Guy, Daniel Meeuws, Mark Eyles, Andrew Prendergast
Sound RecordistAndrew Prendergast
Voice TalentGary Martin, John Boulter, Tim Jones, Adam Jennings, Nadia Cocklin
Packaging Design & IllustrationAndrew Wildman
Design DocumentationChris Kingsley, Mark Eyles, Emerson Best
Manual Mick Lowe
Quality Assurance Play TestersBryan Roden, Craig Garvey, Mike Healey, Alex Moore, Ian Tuttle, Will Elsdale
Head of DesignMark Eyles
Head of Art & GraphicsAndrew Wildman
Head of Research & DevelopmentKevin Floyer-Lea
Head of ProductionGraeme Williams
Head of Sound & MusicEd Cookson
Special Thanks to Michael Freeman, Ed Freeman, Patrick Kingsley, Lucy Kingsley
Thanks to Rory Walker, David Wall, Dominic Jeffrey, Jake Hotson, Dawn Craig, Tim Gummer, Jessica Sharp, Joss Outred, Will Nichols, Arshad Khalid, Arun Sharma, Big Fish Audio
Bink VideoRad Game Tools Inc.
German VersionTextFarm, Rolf D. Busch, Uwe K├Ârner, Daniel Schumacher

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61553) and Stillman (7619)