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Gunlok Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu
Mission brief
Intro to 1st level - Gunlok & Elint
The camera zoomed all the way out.....
and zoomed all the way in. Cool detail!
Cloaking in a junk pile.......
so the enemy can't detect you either visually or audibly
Running out of ammo is a bad thing.
The upgrade/inventory screen
Search junk piles for ammo, weapons and upgrades
Deactivating "laser control boxes" to open gates (in the background).
Minebots won't shoot but if they get to close blow up.
1st person Recon Mode to get technical details on enemies and even snipe them
End level cut-scene
The recycling plant.
Where the old robots are recycled. Cool level of detail.
What a huge smelting pot.
Two in one over a cool (or hot) lava flow.
Scathar - medium biped infantry/low armor.
Scathar in a bunch of little pieces.
Using an audio decoy (purple smoke) to distract the enemy.
Using a flare to light up the unknown dark.
A Sneeker at the end of the level.
Training loading
Spider-robot to destroy
Your team
Sneaking far away from enemy
Little robot is easy target