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Gunman Chronicles Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

From the VERY high-detailed intro of the game.
Hmmm, a long corridor...
Ouch. Walked right into that one
Stop shooting me!
Danger Will Robinson!
Uh-oh - This doesn't look good.
Awesome sights in the sky
The General
Using the sniper rifle.
What is that?!
Monument to a hero
Gunman Chronicles allows you to drive tanks!
A ruined temple *and* dinosaurs! What more could you want?
Getting off the dropship.
This dinosaur is hungry!
Ruins of the first planet.
The aliens are attacking a lone defense drone.
A raygun similar to the one in Half-Life
This drone chases you for most of the second planet.
Fending off a wave of attackers with a turret.
A brief zero gravity section.
There's lots of turning on sparkly future equipment in this game.
Lava leaking into the facility.
Two A.I. sides locked in battle.
Third planet is a desert homestead.
Driving the tank!
Deep in The General's lair for the final mission.
The rogue A.I. takes over the facility.
You can adjust the chemical gun's acid, base, and propellant. Explody!
The General taunts you over the holophone.
Standard energy pistol in rapid fire mode.
A.I. bosses slug it out.