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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (10 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Destructoid (Jun 03, 2013)
If you've got a lazy afternoon coming up, do yourself a favor and fill it with Gunpoint. Leaping over buildings, smashing through windows, uncovering police corruption, and rewiring security systems is likely to be a lot more worthwhile than whatever else you were planning on doing.
Hooked Gamers (Jun 25, 2013)
Gunpoint is fun, innovative, simple, engaging and a whole host of adjectives that would take far too much time to write out. So I will say this instead: Play this game because you won’t regret it.
Polygon (Jun 18, 2013)
Gunpoint isn't a long game - for $10, it doesn't have to be - but it's a delightfully lean experience. From the mechanics to the artistic direction, any trace of bloat has been done away with (if it was ever there to begin with). As mainstream games continue to balloon in budget and feature sets, Gunpoint is a bracing reminder of how lovely simplicity, when exquisitely executed, can be.
The Escapist (Jun 03, 2013)
Gunpoint is a short, well-crafted title that combines film noir, stealth, and hacking puzzles into a incredibly fun gaming experience. No one mechanic or playstyle takes precedence over the others, but all are equally balanced and fun to play around with.
PCGamesN (Jun 03, 2013)
It’s clear that Francis is a disciple of Deus Ex and the immersive sim - that beloved subgenre in which the player overcomes great odds using stealth, wiles, gadgetry; by exploiting a great deal of options and dancing in the space between power and vulnerability. With Gunpoint, he’s tackled a tough question head-on: how can we translate those values and mechanics into something a little more affordable? When you’re dangling from the ceiling of a police station, wondering whether to drop heavily on the officer below, knock him out with an automatic door or simply slip past him in the darkness, you’ll know the answer can be found in Gunpoint. But remember: where Deus Ex is conspiracy-thriller, Gunpoint is conspiracy-farce. You'll know its true sensibilities when, after pulling off the perfect heist, you overshoot your jump to the subway below and land not with a stylish Avengers ground-pump, but with a full-on faceplant. It would’ve never happened to Chell.
90 (Jun 03, 2013)
What makes Gunpoint so good, is how it makes the player feel like a genius. Each solution feels like your own. The game hands you a Swiss Army Knife made out of other, smaller Swiss Army knives and lets you loose in the shed, with ALL the wood. It’s refreshing – in the age of ‘follow the man’ – for a game to trust you within its confines. You’re trusted not to break it. It’s a testament to the quality, with so many complexities to take into account, that it’s rare you get trapped by the level design – if you do, it’s your fault. Gunpoint is a champion of the indie game scene, and should be experienced.
GameFront (Jul 03, 2013)
Though you use your Bullfrog pants to get around, Gunpoint is a stealth game that’s really obscuring a puzzler. Though all stealth can be considered puzzle-solving, things are a bit more literal in Gunpoint, as you rework the circuitry of buildings to strategically open and close doors to get past enemies and steal data. With great, funny dark comedic writing, a bit of a mystery story to uncover, and lots of levels that are as much a puzzle to solve as careful infiltration mission, Gunpoint achieves a little something unique in both genres.
Polygon (Jun 18, 2013)
Gunpoint isn't a long game - for $10, it doesn't have to be - but it's a delightfully lean experience. From the mechanics to the artistic direction, any trace of bloat has been done away with (if it was ever there to begin with). As mainstream games continue to balloon in budget and feature sets, Gunpoint is a bracing reminder of how lovely simplicity, when exquisitely executed, can be.
IGN (Jun 20, 2013)
Gunpoint is a refreshingly welcome addition to the burgeoning stealth genre. It nails player movement, puzzles, and storytelling in games, and completely removes anything that stands in the way of these three. Gunpoint is undeniably smart, and it takes the much-appreciated risk of assuming that we are, too.
Joystiq (Jun 26, 2013)
Gunpoint does away with excess in favor of simplistic ideals: a story that offers enough information for context and humor, and gameplay that focuses on a few well-developed mechanics. At $10, Gunpoint is a proudly lean product, and its clever blend of stealth, puzzles and film noir humor is worth exploring, though you may want to avoid enhancing your real-life spy skills by following Conway's lead. Unless consistently hurling yourself through windows is already a hobby.
Game Informer Magazine (Jun 05, 2013)
From its opening moments, Gunpoint sets up an interesting premise and doesn’t hold the player’s hand. Tutorials are unobtrusive and infrequent, and the story takes off the moment you begin the game. It’s easy to get absorbed into its noir setting and jazz soundtrack as you sneak in the shadows, and you’ll find reasons to pick the game back up even after you’ve finished it.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 21, 2013)
Gunpoint is een korte maar indrukwekkende stealth platformer met een heerlijk noir detective sfeertje en een erg knap bedacht puzzelconcept. Laat deze game niet aan je indie-speurneus voorbij glippen!
82 (Jun 20, 2013)
Ich hatte viel Spaß, mich in Gunpoint als Ausnahme-Spion zu versuchen und den interessanten Fall in charmanter Retro-Kulisse mit allerlei Technikkram sowie Akrobatik zu lösen. Die Rätsel, die sich überwiegend um das richtige Verdrahten von Objekten oder das Erreichen und Knacken von Knotenpunkten drehen, lassen sich allerdings relativ schnell durchschauen. Trotzdem ist es unheimlich motivierend, mit den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten zu experimentieren und den idealen bzw. schnellsten Lösungsweg auszutüfteln. Schade, dass Entwickler Tom Francis nicht auch das Hacken der Computer anspruchsvoller gestaltet hat. Zwischen den Missionen sorgen die Dialoge für einige Lacher, wobei die gewählten Antworten sogar den Fortgang der Geschichte beeinflussen können. Leider kommt das Ende schneller als gedacht.
80 (UK) (Jun 06, 2013)
"Always leave them wanting more," goes the old showbiz adage, and Gunpoint certainly does that. It's to the game's credit that you'll burn through its many charms in an afternoon and immediately wish you'd savoured it more. Springing around its miniature fortresses like a flea in a trenchcoat is a tactile pleasure in itself, and the rewiring concept is both simple in action and powerful in execution. Just mucking around in these little sandboxes is a blast - and in that sense, it's the best sort of game, where play is its own reward. More snack than feast, it would be nice if there was slightly more of it to enjoy, but Gunpoint comes highly recommended all the same.
80 (Jun 05, 2013)
È quest'ottima miscela di gameplay profondo, grafica "retrò", livelli ben disegnati, piacevole atmosfera noir e difficoltà non punitiva a rendere Gunpoint una piccola perla, un titolo "indie" nient'affatto da sottovalutare, specialmente se siete in cerca di qualcosa di diverso dal solito e in grado di stimolare il vostro ingegno.
80 (Jul 08, 2013)
Vžijte se do role detektiva, který si z překážek vyrábí odrazové můstky k úspěchu. Gunpoint dopuje žánr steatlh akcí zcela novou a netradiční hratelností, a výsledný zážitek kazí jen krátká herní doba.
80 (Jun 25, 2013)
Opera prima del game designer/scrittore Tom Francis, Gunpoint si appropria dei concetti più basilari dello stealth game, ma li impreziosisce poi con opzioni e strumenti attorno ai quali costruire il proprio successo ed il proprio carattere. Lontano anni luce dagli stereotipi del super soldato descritti in saghe come Metal Gear o Hitman, per il nostro eroe l'incontro faccia a faccia con il nemico significa nella maggior parte dei casi un repentino caricamento dell'autosave più recente ma, nonostante ciò, non ci sarà frustrazione nel corso dell'esperienza di gioco, dominata dalla soddisfazione che solamente una pianificazione accurata ed un'esecuzione precisa possono regalare. Complice un ambiente di gioco quasi totalmente governabile, che può essere plasmato dalla vostra (malevola?) volontà, Gunpoint sconfina nel puzzle game senza timori ne incertezze, regalandoci un grandioso incrocio di generi, breve ma intenso come pochi.
Games TM (Aug 01, 2013)
It’s a lean game – clocking in at no more than three hours – but there’s no fat, and Francis’ sharp eye lends the between-level test message banter a classic Lucasarts feel. Gunpoint is a stylish, clever and highly concentrated bit of fun, then, and comes highly recommended. And that’s the story that matters the most.
Edge (Jun 04, 2013)
Videogames rarely follow the maxim ‘Always leave the audience wanting more.’ But in his debut creation, developer Tom Francis (who has a day job on Edge sister mag PC Gamer) does just that. Gunpoint offers you one of gaming’s most entertaining toys – a tool with gameworld-altering abilities enough to join the worshipful company of Aperture Science’s Portal Device and Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun – then gives us an all-too-brief three hours’ worth of levels in which to use it. That tool is the Crosslink, and while it’s by no means the only gadget waiting to be unleashed in this 2D espionage sandbox, it’s the one you’ll revisit Gunpoint for.
PC Games (Germany) (Jun 23, 2013)
Falls das ungleich brutalere Pixel- Action-Puzzle Hotline Miami zu ihren Lieblingsspielen des vergangenen Jahres gehört hat, sollten Sie auch Gunpoint eine Chance geben. Das Schleichspiel setzt weniger auf rohe Gewalt und verlässt sich nicht nur auf den Nostalgiebonus, um sich in Ihrem Gedächtnis festzusetzen. Stattdessen punktet es mit lustigen Dialogen und einer ebenso simplen wie unterhaltsamen Hacking-Mechanik, die auch jedem AAA-Titel mit Millionenbudget gut zu Gesicht stehen würde.
GameSpot (Jun, 2013)
When the curtain closes on Conway's tale, you'll find yourself jumping back in for more. The detailed modern setting and the absurdly powerful neo-noir private eye Conway are easy to appreciate, and the complex arrangement of circuits will inspire you to play inventor, linking networks, elevators, and even your enemies’ guns to control the situation at hand. However, even with the ability to choose new tactics and alter the flow of the game's plot, you'll wind up walking away from Gunpoint sooner than you'd like. It's the start of something great, but without more content, it feels too much like the appetizer to a main course: tasty enough to excite the senses, but not substantial enough to constitute an entire meal.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun 25, 2013)
Ich scheine wohl kein sonderlich netter Mensch zu sein, zumindest wenn ich nach der unterhaltsamen Story von Gunpoint gehe. Aus den Antwortmöglichkeiten in Dialogen habe ich immer die gewählt, die meinem Gegenüber noch einen dummen Spruch reingedrückt hat. Nun ja, wahrscheinlich, weil's ohne Konsequenzen bleibt. Was wiederrum schade ist. Ein oder zwei Missionen, in denen ich auf eigene Faust meinen Allerwertesten retten muss, hätte ich spannend und erfrischend gefunden. Oder ein paar »Entweder-Oder«-Missionen, die den Wiederspielwert ein wenig erhöhen würden. Momentan hoffe ich noch, dass eine einfache Tauschfunktion für die benutzergenerierten Herausforderungen oder sogar komplette Kampagnen nachgeliefert werden, damit ich noch ein wenig knobeln, springen und Wachmänner umboxen kann, denn auch das hat mir ungemein Spaß gemacht.
Riot Pixels (Jul 14, 2013)
Проект разработчика-одиночки, стильный, детально прорисованный и чертовски атмосферный. Gunpoint оставляет приятные впечатления, хотя под личиной “стелса” и скрывается головоломка. Жаль, приключения хватает всего на каких-то три часа, а из-за жёстких рамок желания возвращаться в игру нет.