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Half-Life 2: Episode One Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Ruins of City 17
Barney, Alyx and Gordon are preparing to battle with Combine.
The abandoned hospital
I think you've lost something, doctor Freeman...
Alyx Vance is your sidekick throughout the game.
In the heart of the Citadel
Watch out for enemies shooting at you from above.
Trying to kill the Ant Lion Guard.
Rebels hideout.
Fighting an Antlion guard
Antlion bugs
Fighting some combine soldiers
"Dog" finding you under some trash
Fighting a black headcrab zombie in the hospital
Intro sequence
Scary: Zombies in a dark tunnel
A zombie shot by a combine sniper
Fighting a strider robot
Strange zombie things in a train
You're taken far away from G-Man.
Barney Calhoun is back.
Kleiner speaks to the City 17 citizens.
Combine Pod
Citadel on fire
First encounter with a "Zombine"
Using an old Trabant to block a hole to stop Antlions coming out
A mindless "stalker" works for the Combine in the Citadel. It is believed that "stalkers" were previously ordinary citizens who were arrested, lobotomized, and physically "customized" by the Combine.