Half-Life: Blue Shift Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Nobody gets out of Black Mesa alive.
Wait a second -- these soldiers are trying to kill me!
I am not going down without a fight!
A tank?! I'd better get overtime pay for this.
That's a blowtorch. Definitely NOT good.
Where the hell am I?
A... gasp... jumping puzzle?
I'd better think of a way to teleport us out of here before the whole system blows!
Today's menu, hot lead on 101 way.
Having a bomb at close range, this is called having the wrong weapon at the wrong time.
Swift moving and double barrelled shotgun will have to suffice against five hostile marines.
Behind the bulletproof glass is where someone should change or reload weapons.
Barely alive scientist, up close and personal
It's time for Magnum, and there ain't no Tom Selleck around.
Black smoke and sparks are always nice effect to see after a mounted gun-turret is destroyed.
Finally, daylight! I've had enough of this 2nd rate flashlight, anyway.
Mutated scientist... a poor soul that neither got away, nor committed suicide in time.
Hey, where are all those monsters coming from? Portal here, portal there...
I saw you, you son of a... soldier! You just threw my pal down there! Now it's my turn.
Sometimes the best defense is to stay close to the enemy.
Attacked from the sky... one .45 caliber should clip its wings.
Powering up the energy from behind enemy lines.. deep into the heart of the aliens' planet.
Sorry pal, but I think I'll need those bullets more than you will.
Hey, these alien ships appears to be upgraded from as we know 'em.
Blue Shift comes with the "High Definition Pack" which upgrades the single player textures for all your Half Life products. Here's a before...
... and after. Note the new look for the Barney and your pistol.
There are no new weapons in Blue Shift but your SMG gets a complete makeover with the high definition textures.
It's the same hazard course in Blue Shift but for some reason, it isn't as much fun to listen to the holographic guide. I wonder why?
The box may call you "the security guard who allied with Gordon Freeman" but this is as close as you're ever going to get to him.
Chaos ensues!
Three of the character models, updated with the HD pack.
The only new character, Dr. Rosenberg (also featured in Half-Life Decay)
Rosenberg surveys his crazy science contraption.
Don't get too trigger happy, now.
Main menu (STEAM release). Now featuring native widescreen support.
Gordon Freeman without H.E.V. suit (He's wearing that ridiculous tie).
Zombies, your good old friends.