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Another facet of a gem. Ray Soderlund (3571) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
The Making of Adrian Shepard vicrabb (7291) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars
True example of better add-on sequel than the original. How's that possible? :) MAT (223685) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
Isn't it nice to become the enemy for once? Katakis | カタキス (42093) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars
That's what an expansion should be! JudgeDeadd (26967) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
Opposing Farce is more like it... MasterMegid (902) 0.71 Stars0.71 Stars0.71 Stars0.71 Stars0.71 Stars
Redfines what an expansion pack should be! jeremy strope (171) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars
Sweet game. Better than the original. The Big Ragu (3) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.6
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (142 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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In 1998 you became Gordon Freeman and sunk into one of the most compulsive single-player campaigns of all time. Now, as Adrian Shepherd, you can repeat the thrill. As deathmatches become the norm for first-person shooters, the Half-Life series proves that the lone wolf can still be shaken in alien-infested corridors.
A year after its initial release, Half-Life is still one of the most played, most talked about games for the PC. Like all ubersuccessful PC titles, Half-Life has naturally spawned an add-on pack to continue the money train, but, unlike most add-ons, Half-Life: Opposing Force is good enough to stand on its own legs as a full game. A correct balance of the familiar and the new has been struck, virtually guaranteeing that Half-Life fans will be more than pleased with this addition to the world of Black Mesa. Even the training level, with all of its Full Metal Jacket glory, is amusing enough to warrant a quick play-through for Half-Life veterans.
incite PC Gaming (Feb, 2000)
Continues Half-Life's reign as the top single-player, first-person shooter experience available.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
But my biggest complaint is really a compliment. When Opposing Force was over, I wanted more. It was done so well, and felt so much like Half-Life, that I didn't want it to end. I thought I was playing Half-Life II, not an expansion pack. Then it ended, the spell was broken - and the waiting game began again.
So what's new in OpFor? Well, to begin with, there are hundreds of new things to see. New textures, built off of the original Half-Life textures to maintain consistency, are present throughout.
games xtreme (Jan 05, 2000)
Well, what more can I say that doesn't tell you to go out and by this damn game, its good... no, its bloody good, its kicks ass and will have you hooked to the game even more, so stop reading this and go buy it, or read the rest then buy it, its all up to you, but just buy it.
In the end, all I can say is that this expansion pack could easily have been marketed as a standalone game. It’s big, it’s fun, and it’s well worth the price. It’s basically Half-Life 1 ½. Hats off to Sierra, Valve, and Gearbox - they have created one of the best expansion packs of all time for one of the best games of all time.
PC Gamer (1999)
In short, Half-Life: Opposing Force grabs the player's attention with the strength of an alien-possessed Marine and steadfastly refuses to let go. It's so good that, had this been released as a full-price, stand-alone sequel, I doubt many people would have complained. We can only wish that most complete games were so well-designed, and applaud Gearbox for living up to such incredibly high expectations. Now, Valve, about Half-Life 2.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 1999)
Wenn ich überhaupt meckern möchte, dann höchstens, daß Opposing Force nicht so lang ist wie Half-Life – nach etwa 15 bis 20 Stunden ist man durch. Doch es gibt so viel zu sehen, daß man es gerne ein zweites Mal durchspielt. Auch wenn es gemein ist, den folgenden Titel einer Missions-CD zu verleihen: Für mich ist Opposing Force das Actionspiel des Jahres ‘99. So, und ab sofort warte ich sehnsüchtig auf Half-Life 2.
Hacker (Dec, 1999)
Znate što... Stvarno volim kad mi dopadnu šaka neke fenomenalne igre koju nije nikakav problem recenzirati. Dapače, pri opisivanju proizvoda vrhunske kakvoće troši se upola manje psihičke energije nego kad se čovjek bakće s kakvim osrednjim primjerkom pa ne zna na koju bi stranu prevagnuo, tj. bi li kudio ili hvalio. Slučaj s ovim ovdje, tj. prvim službenim mission diskom za najbolju FPP pucačinu svih vremena je prilično jasan! Half-life: Opposing Force je u najmanju ruku dobar kao i njegov stariji brat, a u nekim elementima čak i bolji! Stoga pročitajte recenziju originala, ako već niste, i saznajte kako je to odlična igra, kupite mission pack, a mene pustite na miru... Jasno i glasno, laku noć!
Same basic game, same great mechanics. If possible, I thing HL:OF handles even better than the original. I noticed that the weapon fire was more responsive. It did seem to run a bit smoother as well. A few more things like a hand to hand attacks add yet another key to the controls, but it's easy enough to map in. All in all, Opposing Force is a must have for any Half-Life fan.
Opposing Force feels and plays very much like Half-Life, which isn't a bad thing. Half-Life is still the best of the first-person shooters out there, and an expansion which does exactly that - expands the world and the gameplay - is a very good thing to see. For fans of Half-Life, of which there are many, this expansion will allow you to relive the horror of Black Mesa through new eyes. Check this one out - I believe you'll be very happy with it. Bottom Line: More Half-Life! Gearbox Software has developed what feels like a seamless addition to last 1998's best game. It's a little more puzzle-oriented than the original game, and a lot of fun to play. A couple of small bugs and annoyances exist, but nothing that ruins the enjoyment of the return to Black Mesa.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 29, 1999)
Opposing Force is een schitterende nieuwe singleplayer ervaring die spijtig genoeg een beetje kort is uitgevallen en is een prima verlenging van de mulitplayer kwaliteiten van zijn voorganger. Ook al zijn we tegenwoordig zo verwend met al die gratis uitbreidingen voor Half-Life, toch weet Opposing Force nog te overtuigen en dat pleit voor de kwaliteiten. Zeker kopen dus, maar schrik niet van de prijs want die is aan de hoge kant.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 25, 1999)
Что в результате? Мы имеем отличный аддон от небольшой команды. Хотя он и вышел спустя год после оригинальной игры, прошедшее время не давит на него тяжелым грузом. Смена врага часто позволяет влить свежую кровь в нашу жизнь. А если врагом становится бывшее альтер эго в лице Фримена... В общем, если вы в свое время протащились от Half-Life, то Opposing Force — штучка явно для вас. Играть, черт возьми, интересно, не менее интересно, чем просто в Half-Life. А это — самое главное для аддона, не так ли?
PC Zone (Aug 15, 2001)
Now you can fight on a Xen level replete with myriad bouncing platforms, and all the ghostly alien ambience that chilled you at the end of Half-Life. Some of the new levels are truly joyful. Complete strategy or total blast-fest, itis up to you. In our opinion this is promising to be the most finely crafted deathmatch tool to date. An awesome achievement.
GameSpot (Nov 24, 1999)
While it doesn't add anything new to the graphics or technology of Half-Life, Opposing Force still manages to thrill through the impassioned application of creative design. It's the interactive equivalent of a page-turner; you'll finish it in a marathon sitting just trying to see what surprise lies around the next corner. Quite simply, the best first-person shooter ever released is now bolstered by the finest mission pack yet created.
Pelit (Jan, 2000)
Half-Life valittiin maailmalla harvinaisen yksimielisesti vuoden 1998 parhaaksi peliksi. Niin myös meillä viime vuonna.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
Für mich war Half-Life (dt. V) - dank revolutionärer Erzähltechnik und enorm abwechslungsreicher Spielszenen - der bis dato beste 3D-Actiontitel. Das Entwicklerteam des Add-Ons hat sich die Tugenden des Valve-Knüllers zu Nutze gemacht und präsentiert mit Opposing Force ein erstklassiges Ergänzungsprogramm. Neben weiteren Waffen und Monsterarten stellen die überarbeiten Aktions- und Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten die herausragenden Neuerungen dar. Beide sind allerdings nicht ganz ausgereift, denn sowohl die Schwingseile als auch die häufig allzu deppert agierenden Mitstreiter zerrten an meinen Nerven. Dafür kann ich es kaum erwarten, bis die umtriebige Halt-Life-Szene für weitere Maps, Modelle und Modifikationen sorgen wird.
PC Joker (Jan, 2000)
Während also eine spannende Story intelligente Puzzles und die gewohnt handliche Steuerung via Tastatur oder Maus das Add-on für Solisten zum Musskauf machen, kommen auch Multiplayer zum Schuss: Per LAN oder Internet dürfen sich bis zu 32 Deathmatch-Fans gegeneinander oder in Teams an die (in neunerlei Varianten verfügbare) Polygonhaut gehen.
Endlich Nachschub für mein Lieblingsspiel! Was Gearbox abgeliefert hat, ist ein Prachtstück. Hier waren Entwickler am Werk, denen Half-Life mindestens genauso am Herzen liegt wie den Designern des Originals! Allerdings möchte ich Freunde reiner Baller-Orgien warnen: Die Rätsel sind etwas herausfordernder und auch auf Hüpfeinlagen wollte man nicht verzichten. Aber eigentlich hat sich Half-Life schon immer im Grenzbereich zum Action-Adventure bewegt. Die KI der Kameraden hat gewisse Macken, aber damit kann man leben. Zwar mag es inzwischen grafisch opulentere Titel geben, aber wer nicht nur ödes Reaktionstraining, sondern auch Atmosphäre und Story mag, hat nach wie vor keine Alternative. Eine längere Spieldauer hätte nichts geschadet, doch lieber einige Tage Mordsgaudi als einige Wochen Mittelmaß!
Power Unlimited (Jan, 2000)
Half-Life is back! Niet met het officiële deel 2 maar deze prima add-on komt ongekend origineel en strak uit de verf. We're talking gameplay guys!
Vgames (Feb 10, 2000)

אופוסינג פורס הוא לא רק התוסף הטוב ביותר שראיתי אי פעם, הוא ראוי כמעט להיחשב משחק שלם. קוצר עלילתי במשחק היחיד הוא הדבר היחיד שמונע ממנו להיחשב שכזה. למרבה המזל, חובבי האף לייף, ויש רבים כאלו, יכולים להנות מכותר מגוון, עשיר, מלא פעולה וחוויות חדשות, במחיר של חצי מהמשחק המלא. על כך מגיעה לחברת גירבוקס מלא ההערכה. הם הצליחו להרים תוסף שעולה על כל הציפיות, ומצליח להרים את הרף של המושג "תוסף" לגבהים חדשים. רוצו וקנו ללא היסוס.

Power Play (Dec, 1999)
„Half-Life: Opposing Force“ ist eine wirklich phantastische Ergänzung zum Originalprogramm. Die zum Teil höchst einfallsreichen Waffen bereichern das Gameplay enorm, ebenso wie die neuen Gegner, die sich hervorragend ins „Half-Life“-Universum einfügen. Einziger Nachteil (außer den bereits erwähnten KI-Schwächen): Das atmosphärisch dichte Single-Player-Abenteuer hat man leider viel zu schnell durchgespielt.
Svenska PC Gamer (Jan, 2000)
Jag blev positivt överaskad av Opposing Force. De nya uppdragen smälter in perfekt i föregångarens miljöer. Det är faktiskt något av en nostalgitripp att besöka Black Mesa igen trots att det bara gått lite över ett ett år sen sist. Att sedan få se handlingen från ett annat perspektiv är guld värt.
Half-Life: Opposing Force is een bijzonder leuke add-on, die geen Half-Life speler onberoerd zal laten. Enneh, meer van iets dat goed is, kan niet slecht zijn, toch?
Oldies Rising (Sep 08, 2011)
Plus qu'un add on, Opposing Force est quasiment un jeu à part entière dont l'achat se justifiera pour tous les fans du premier volet. Reprenant toutes les forces de ce dernier, le titre de Gearbox Software est largement à la hauteur de ce que l'on était en droit d'attendre d'un jeu aussi attendu. A consommer sans modération, comme on le ferait avec n'importe quel défouloir jubilatoire!
GameSpy (Nov 22, 1999)
Opposing Force subscribes to the if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it theory of game design. It’s an unashamed attempt at creating more Half-Life goodness, and succeeds on almost every count, which speaks volumes for the job Gearbox has done. It may not present much in the way of innovation, and ends way too soon, but for anyone who played through to the end of Half-Life and was left dying for more, Opposing Force is a must-have.
85 (Dec 02, 1999)
Un add-on qui aurait mérité encore plus de nouveautés que les quelques améliorations jetées un peu partout. De plus, je trouve dommage d'obliger les gens à s'acheter le premier pour pouvoir jouer à cet add-on. Mais bon, ça reste du Half-Life, c'est donc un très bon jeu. C'est d'ailleurs ce qui fait sa plus grande qualité et son plus vilain défaut.
Génération 4 (Jan, 2000)
L'add-on tant attendu. Si vous avez aimé Half-Life et que vous voulez replonger dans son univers incomparable, impossible d'y échapper.
Gaming Age (1999)
Even with this high price tag suggested by Sierra, it still isn't written in stone. A person is bound to find some good deals somewhere for copies of Half Life Opposing Force. Even if Half Life fans are forced to plunk down 40 dollars, I really think Half Life Opposing Force is a title that they won't regret splurging for.
Game Over Online (Nov 26, 1999)
Over the years, we’ve beared witness to a number of FPS expansion packs, many of which don’t even come close to matching the atmosphere and gameplay of their predecessors. Half-Life: Opposing Force does exactly that. It’ll reel you in the moment you start playing it and will surely keep Half-Life fans busy for weeks to come.
Game.EXE (Jan, 2000)
Редкий аддон заслуживает в УЧУ рецензии. В ещё более уникальном случае он оказывается удачным. Впрочем, OpFor не зря поставил впереди себя приставку HL, имеющую отношение к лучшей игре прошлого года. Молодая команда Gearbox с честью поддержала выпавший из рук Valve флаг Half-Life, выпустила серию отменнейших уровней и снабдила их очень оригинальной сюжетной линией.
Game Revolution (Feb 01, 2000)
It's not a bad expansion. It still contains that Half-Life mystique, but doesn't add anything of real value to the core gameplay and limits itself to gussying up old gimmicks in new clothes. Half-Life fans looking for more quality single-player action should check out Opposing Force, as it does entertain, but don't expect anything too special.
It’s little touches like these that help Opposing Force rise above the stigma of simply being “more of the same,” because in all honesty, that’s what it is. It’s a solid enough adventure throughout, and Gearbox did a decent enough job imitating (yes, imitating) the first Half-Life that I find it easy to recommend Opposing Force as a chance to re-explore the world that we all became so enveloped in. Not as an extension of the saga, because this new plot is messy and overcomplicated. And not as a true step forward for the franchise, because if anything, this is a small step back.
Opposing Force has some really great new features. I especially liked the ropes and the addition of skilled marines that could do things that you can not do. All and all, it's not a bad add on, just not the great one I was hoping for. I rate this game as a bit above average with 3 1/2 GiN Gems. If you really like Half-Life, get it. Otherwise, wait for Team Fortress 2.
This fluke in the design is representative of the issues that keep OP4 from being a solid sequel. As a good writer knows, the key to entertaining a reader is to write so well that the reader's disbelief is suspended all the way through. The same holds true here. Enemies that seem unaware of their surroundings, marine buddies that stand at the ready while their backs are being shot, implausible boss battles--all of these design problems make you wince. Although OP4 is good enough to push you past these problems, most players are likely to conclude the game with a mixture of feelings: enthusiasm tempered by disappointment.
70 (UK) (Dec 02, 1999)
But if you want another good quality Half-Life outing in Black Mesa, then you should enjoy this - if not get blown into tiny red lumps by it. If multiplayer action is your thing then Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament hopelessly eclipse Op For - but that goes without saying.
There are some really nice things about Half-Life: Opposing Force, including some nice scripting and the cohesion between the original and this new storyline is as tight as can be. Gearbox has delivered a somewhat less than worthy expansion to last year’s game of the year. The main faults are that it fails to expand upon Half-Life’s greatness and rather seems content to ride on its coattails.
In the end, OPPOSING FORCE is done in by simply not being able to reach the bar set so high by its predecessor. The gaming here is solid and better than most, but if you’re itching for more HALF-LIFE, you’re going to have to wait for HALF-LIFE 2.
Gamekult (Sep 18, 2000)
Gearbox Software avait la lourde tâche de créer l'extension d'un mythe du genre et le résultat s'avère finalement très fidèle à Half-Life, donc plutôt réussi ! Une ambiance unique, une I.A. efficace, un scénario captivant, de l'action parfaitement orchestrée, tout y est...Exactement comme le précédent volet ! Opposing Force n'apporte rien de véritablement novateur et sa durée de vie, très courte est quelque peu décevante. Il reste toutefois les nouvelles armes et cartes allègrement exploitables en multijoueurs.