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Half-Life Credits (Windows)

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Half-Life Credits


The Half‑Life TeamTed Backman, Julie Bazuzi, Yahn Bernier, Steve Bond, Dario Casali, Andrew Coward, Wesley Cumberland, Ken Eaton, Matt Eslick, Greg Coomer, John Guthrie, Michael Harrington, Monica Harrington, Brett Johnson, Erik Johnson, Chuck Jones, Phil Kuhlmey, Karen Laur, David Lee, Mona Lisa Guthrie, Randy Lundeen, Yatzse Mark, Lisa Mennet, Cade Myers, Gabe Newell, Kate Powell, Torsten Reinl, David Riller, Harry E. Teasley, Stephen Theodore, Bill Van Buren, Douglas R. Wood, T. K. Backman, Kelly Bailey, Ken Birdwell, John Cook, Marc Laidlaw, Aaron Stackpole, Jay Stelly, Robin Walker
Skeletal AnimationKen Birdwell
StorylineMarc Laidlaw
Artificial IntelligenceKen Birdwell, Marc Laidlaw
Special Effects, Environmental EffectsJay Stelly
Sierra Studios Senior Vice PresidentScott Lynch
Director of MarketingJames Veevaert
Product ManagerDoug Lombardi
PR ManagerGenevieve Waldman
Creative ServicesJustin Kirby
Product Testing ManagerGary Stevens
Lead TesterCade Myers
Assistant Lead TesterErik Johnson
TesterMiene Lee, Andrew Coward, David Lee, Julie Bazuzi, Kate Powell, Ken Eaton, Matt Eslick, Phil Kuhlmey
ComposerKelly Bailey
VoicesKathy Levin, Harry S. Robins, Michael C. Schapiro
Package DesignRay Ueno
Worldcraft DocumentationChris Bokitch
Documentation WriterHeather Mitchell
Documentation DesignerDan Saimo
With Thanks ToMichael Abrash, Les Betterly, Joe Bryant, Koren Buckner, Ian Caughley, Karl Deckard, Stephen Dennis, Louise Donaldson, Nathan Dwyer, Dhabih Eng, Steve Fluegel, Russell Ginns, Stephen Hecht, Christina Kelly, Joe Kennebec, Ben Morris, Robert Stanlee, Eddie Ranchigoda, Eric Twelker, Duncan X, Everyone at id Software Inc., All our other hardworking beta testers

id Software

Engine ProgrammerJohn Carmack, Michael Abrash, John Cash
Engine Tools ProgrammerJohn Romero, John Carmack

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Credits for this game were contributed by John Romero (1465), Tomer Gabel (4646), formercontrib (159238) and Kic'N (4348)