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Half-Life Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Title screen and main menu (Steam release)
The intro cutscene - like all others in the game - is done with in-game graphics and allows limited interactivity
The beginning of the game is peaceful. Welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility!
Loading screen
The test chamber
Looks like this experiment went wrong...
Even in the future nothing works!
Half-Life is full of destruction. All hell breaks loose very soon
Your first alien. Isn't it cute?
Be afraid of the dark
The mysterious, elusive G-Man appears in various spots
A crowbar can make a real mess out of an old man
Having some fun in a Rapid Core
In trouble
One of the bigger aliens in the game
Shooting tons of incoming aliens with a turret
You're gonna need more "power" to deal with these two folks...
Half-Life popularized such vent-crawling. With a grenade in my hands, I witness electric effects and utter destruction in the room
Half-Life has many scripted scenes. The scientist ahead is about to be blown up. You morbidly watch the scene, unable to break through the game's strict determinism
Half-Life has cool setpieces. A seemingly invincible monster is frying some personnel. You just stare at your new revolver
Half-Life is linear indeed. Some parts are quite literally on rails - but don't worry, these are just a few. Take a look at the cool gadget in my hands!..
From the top of the tower, you have a nice view of the stones, some water, and a dead body below
Some of the environments seem radioactive, but this is purely a stylistic choice
An outdoor shootout with some marines. Witness explosive barrels and some blood effects
Your own weapon is turning against you! Life is full of surprises
The mysterious Lambda complex looks slick. I shoot some arrows at the truck
My cool new biological weapon took care of all these creatures
Beautiful view outside! Doesn't look very safe, though...
An alien going crazy at the car park
BOOOM! Apache helicopter shot down
Lunch time!
You can mark targets on the tactical map and bomb them
Shooting some soldiers with the attached grenade launcher
Destroying a wall with a super laser
Shot an Osprey helicopter with the gauss laser gun
More soldiers are coming...
Spray-painted threats left by the marines. Their in-game AI is particularly remarkable considering their poor spelling
Xen, towards the end. You have to reach that creepy looking place...
...which harmlessly hosts a teleporter
A decisive battle near the game's end. If thats green glob hits you, you're teleported to another area... annoying