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Hangsim Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is the game's menu as it was released in the demo version. Being a demo version the Logbook, Just For Fun and Competition options are not available
This is the Challenge menu. Only one challenge is available in the demo version but at least it shows that there are three skill levels available
This is the map view as shown in the challenge selection screen. It's slightly different when viewed in-flight
Flying the glider in Challenge mode. The menu bar is selected via the ALT key and gives access to many game control options at the expense of some of the information panels
The map view used in-flight shows the target course and the actual course super imposed
The Hawk glider viewed in chase view mode
It's possible to change craft mid flight, useful if you like a challenge or if you can't figure out how to launch the paraglider!
Back in the glider but this time with the HUD view activated. It's a much tidier screen as long as you know how to read it.
The pilots view from the Storm hang glider at point of launch
The chase view of the Storm hang glider at point of launch
The Storm hang glider in flight
The pilots view from the Storm hang glider. The shadow is, unfortunately, unconvincing.
The Storm hang glider in flight. Don't try this at home folks!!
The 'Spider' paraglider at point of launch with the instrumentation switched to a HUD view
The Spider paraglider in action above Torrey Pines

Official Screenshots

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