Hard Reset Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title shown in intro
Main Menu
Fighting some nasty machine scum
Using environment hazards to my advantage
Advertising is a pretty common sight. It's a cyberpunk world after all..
The game's back story is told through animated comic sequences shown between levels
They shouldn't have messed with me..
Using an upgrade terminal to - big surprise! - upgrade.
Investigating a breach.
Use the blaster to stun enemies.
These big guys pack a lot of punch.
A generator in an elevator
There is a Victorian feel to this level.
Atlas is the first major boss character. This is him in his second form.
Entering a metro station.
Instead of engaging enemies directly, keep them at bay using electricity and environmental hazards.
Another room has been cleared.
The entrance to a hospital
The smartgun overlays information on the screen, such as the type of enemy, distance and remaining health.
This giant bug-like Constructor will point its laser at you.
Level completion screen
A game in one of the two survival levels
We love robots, but in Hard Reset robots hate you.
A calm and relaxed scene (Quite rare in Hard Reset).