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Hardline Credits

106 people (104 developers, 2 thanks)


Game CreatorDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant
ProducerDiarmid Clarke
Product ManagerSarah Ewing
Executive ProducerEmmanuel Forsans
MusicDavid Cage
Director of PhotographyWilfried Sempe
Special Effects SupervisorNicolas Bonvalet
Game Artistic DirectorDominic Mathieu
Game ManagerEmmanuel Chriqui
Main ProgrammerEmmanuel Chriqui
WriterDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant
DesignerDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant
Film DirectorDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant
ActorsDavid Gregg (as Ted), Rochelle Redfield (as Catherine), David Gasman (as Lars), Joseph Rezwin (as Morgan), Richard Voltera (as Oracle), Jim Adhi Limas (as Kodo), Patrick Julien (as Yssel), Paul Jeary (as Sectoid Speaker), Kasey Klebba (as Young Ted), Sacha Glachant (as Youngest Ted), Leo Ulrich (as Young Mark), Robert Barr (as Dark Figure), Mohammed Dargach (as Vision Child), Florence Mako (as Distressed Woman), Brenda Smith (as Reporter), Glenn Verdon (as Soldier 1), Edward Hamilton-Clark (as Soldier 2), Jean-Claude Calabro (as Soldier 3), Sterling King (as Sectoid in Warehouse), Denis Manin (as Sectoid in Warehouse), Rodolph Rossi (as Sectoid in Warehouse), Saul Jephcott (as Radio Operator), Darren Fouse (as Radio Operator), Mathew Gonder (as Rebel 1), Cecile Vouillon (as Rebel 2), Randall Holden (as Colonel), Jean-Claude Monier (as Surgeon), Tom O'Dwyer (as Child 1), David Fletcher (as Child 2), Elisabeth Fletcher (as Child 3)
Film Production ManagerPhilippe Godefroy
Film First Assistant DirectorDominique Talmon
Film Second Assistant DirectorLoic Dugue
Film Second Second Assistant DirectorCarol Lecacheur
Film Set DecoratorJean-Louis Laher
Film Set ConstructionFranck Congi, Eric Bonnay
Film Swing GangSebastien Prat, Claude Bonnefoy
Camera OperatorFlorent Lenvers
Camera Operator AssistantJerome Baudoin, Vincent Blasco
Costume DesignerSophie Breton
Make-up ArtistSarah Sempe
Production CoordinatorCarole Amen
Production AssistantNicolas Courson, David Oelhoffen, Stéphane Castaing
Sound EngineerLucas Mouzas
Sound SupervisorNoel Name
Post-SynchronizationIgor Persan
Script GirlDorothee Raymond
PerchmanNicolas Guilbaud
Vehicles Provided byHerve Klein
GroupmanEric Zannier
Extra CastingMartin Bugnet
2nd Unit First Assistant DirectorLoic Dugue
2nd Unit Director of PhotographyGeorges Belof
2nd Unit Camera OperatorLaurent Usse
2nd Unit Assistant Camera OperatorEmmanuel Movyal
2nd Unit Production ManagerFrederique Coutant
2nd Unit Production AssistantAnne Dévouassoux
2nd Unit Script-GirlChristel Petitcuenot
2nd Unit Make-up ArtistLaurence Pinteau
2nd Unit Production CoordinatorBruno Perdrigeat
2nd Unit Assistant Production CoordinatorMartin Jaubert
2nd Unit GroupmanJean-Michel Gageat
2nd Unit Set DecoratorJean-Louis Laher
2nd Unit Foley EditorFrançois Dussolier
2nd Unit Foley ArtistGadou Naudin (Julien)
2nd Unit Additional Sound EffectsVincent Perrot
2nd Unit Rough EditJoseph Licide
2nd Unit Final EditDominic Mathieu
Special Effects Digital Graphic ArtistHatem Benabdallah, Nicolas Bonvalet, Régis Carlier, Pascal Garro, Eddy Khemeri, Gregory Leborgne, Franck Letiec, Yann Mallard, Dominic Mathieu, Thierry Miton, Gilles Moreau, Geoffrey Niquet, Patrick Reynaud, Thierry Roger, Patrick Roland, Christel Petitcuenot, Hubert Szymczak
Special Effects Digitization and ArchivesThierry Miton
Additional ProgrammerAlain Le Guirec, Jacques Gérard, Elizabeth Boyer
Arcade Scenes DesignerJacques Gérard, Dominic Mathieu
Game Graphic ArtistThierry Roger, Dominic Mathieu, Hubert Szymczak, Laurent Baudet, Emmanuel Vasse
Interface MenusStephane Dessain
Quality AssuranceSteven Frazer, David Corless, David Isherwood
Special ThanksBenjamin Buissiere
Very Special ThanksJerome Borenstein

Windows version

Windows versionAlain Le Guirec (uncredited), Hubert Sarret (uncredited), Antoine Guillon (uncredited)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76260) and antoine guillon (5)