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Harem Party Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
Haru sitting in his chamber playing a video game
The demon lord in his game, Wordright
Cleo attacks the demon lord
After a big flash all girls fell on top of Haru
Talking with Cleo and Agnes
The girls meeting Haru's sister
The girls decide to take of Haru's clothes and have sex, they need the sex to use magic and survive in this world
Sex with Cleo and Agnes
Sofie was next, together with Urr and Nia
Good that Waka, Haru's sister, doesn't know he needs to have sex at least twice a day, with all 5 girls
At school
It's Anzu, and she immediately suspects something is up with the girls
Cleo's mother, a strong sorceress, talks with the party through Anzu
One of the many choices influencing the game
Going with Agnes (choice dependent)
Going with Cleo (choice dependent)
Going with Sofie (choice dependent)
One of the demon lord's monsters attacks
Cleo and Sofie needed some more attention
Walking down the street with Urr, Nia and Cleo
The girls need to have a physical exam on school, and since they don't want to be seen by some doctor, Cleo uses her magic so Haru is temporarily the doctor
Sofie is a bit of a whiner and can't do much. She is head of a forest tribe though
Sofie said Urr and Nia disappeared. it seems they were simply taking a bath
Back at school Urr and Nia ask Haru to go to the roof. Up there they tell him they'll need their sex too to survive
The next day, Sofie started training Haru to fulfill his role as savior. It turned into sex pretty quickly
And some more
Waka doesn't know yet what happened with Anzu. But after Cleo's mother used her as a channel to speak through, she's been acting strange
After following Anzu to see how see is, she decided to flirt with Haru to seek answers about the girls
Cleo captured Anzu and Haru and wanted to punish them
By having sex with both of them
Back at home, Agnes needs her second daily treatment. Haru starts to fall in love with Agnes
Going on a date with Agnes
They go to Haru's favorite spot in the city, secluded and with a beautiful sunset
Haru licking Agnes
This seems more out of love than need
The demon lord seems to influence Haru's world too now
Agnes and Haru fend off the demon lord and unlock a part of his skills, the demon lord isn't done with them yet though
Back at home Waka, Haru's sister, mentions that she discovered he has sex with all five girls. She is afraid they'll steal him away, and she mentioned her desires for him
After having trained much, and having fought the demon lord, the girls and Haru go to a theme park
Sofie got lost, but Agnes and Haru found her. Sofie then mentioned wanting to have sex again with Haru, but also wants Agnes to please her (choice dependent)
Agnes went to search for Sofie on her own, and Haru went into the ferris wheel with Cleo, Urr and Nia (choice dependent)
Agnes and Haru get attacked again by the demon lord, this time through the mind. They both fall into a deep dream. Agnes unwakens, and now the girls try to waken Haru
After Sofie, Urr and Nia failed, Waka and Cleo try to. It seems nobody finds it weird his own sister is kissing him and touching him
Waka mentions that she still feels like she's losing Haru to the girls, after some discussions, they make love again
Agnes learns about Haru and Waka and they both want to fight for Haru's love. So they make dinner for him, and have sex with him. Haru even cums inside his own sister
Soon after, Cleo, Sofie, Urr and Nia also need their daily dosis. As Haru is pretty tired from last sex, Cleo clones him so they all can get what they need, without straining Haru too far
Eventually it turns out Waka is possessed by the demon lord, and this is why she was so vocal about her feelings. The feelings were there for Haru, but she wouldn't voice them otherwise
After long battles with hundreds of monsters, Haru finally discovers his full power and kills the demon lord without killing his sister

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